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French TV heavily promoting Amaury Vassili

Posted 17 April 2011 at 18:06

Amaury Vassili was already invited to many shows such as "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde" (France2), the "13h00 news" (TF1 with more than 10 millions of TV viewers), the "Sidaction"sShow (France2), "Les Années Bonheur" (France2), "Morandini!" (Direct8) etc. Amaury will continue participating to various shows on all French TV channels. In addition, France3 broadcasts a short program several times a day. Just before the Big Final, France3 will broadcast a video about the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf with Amaury Vassili and various other artists. The target is clearly to have French TV viewers understand the reality and the importance of the event through its organisation, by visiting the press centre, the arena, etc, and with interviews with European press and fans.
"French TV viewers need to understand that the Eurovision Song Contest is a major international event, a sort of Olympic Music Games".

Big show on the 9th of May

Finally, a show called "En Route Pour L'Eurovision Avec Amaury" will be recorded on the 29th of April and broadcast by France3 on May the 9th, 5 days before the Big Final. TV archives will let viewers dive into the Eurovision Song Contest history. Many past contests singers will participate in the show like Marie Myriam, Catherine Ferry, Séverine, Corinne Hermes, Natasha Saint-Pier, Patrick Fiori, Tom Dice, Eric Saade, Raphael Gualazzi and Amaury Vassili. Young French artists will join and sing past Eurovision hits. Among them, Sofia Essaïdi, Shym (who will sing White And Black Blues), the Mamma Mia group, etc.

International fans invited

Bruno Berbérès, Director of this special show, told us: "I want this programme to be much more than a show about the Eurovision Song Contest, I want it to be a tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest. Clearly, the show will be entertaining a lot but will not turn the Contest into a joke event. As we say in France, it's not nice to laugh at old women.
"Finally, I invite all the European fans to come to Paris with their own flags and participate to the show. Information on how to register to the programme will be provided early next week."

Warner Music Europe promoting Sognu

Amaury's record company, Warner Music Group, has decided to promote Sognu all around Europe through all of Europe by signing deals with radio stations. Furthermore, Warner Music Europe is preparing a European release of Amaury's CD-album, including Sognu.
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