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French story about a moustache

06 May 2014 at 13:30 CEST

Are you ready to party tonight?

"Hi Copenhagen! This is TWIN TWIN. Are you ready to party tonight? When I say TWIN TWIN, you say Oh yeah!" Lorent, the lead singer started their show.

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With their cheerful and catchy song, TWIN TWIN created a dance atmosphere at the B&W Hallerne. The flashy and colourful clothes suited their entry perfectly. The artists enjoyed their song and had fun on stage, dancing and jumping.

Moustaches – big and small, in all imaginable colours – were displayed on the LEDs. The images on the backdrop were beating together with the music beat.

It's moustanche! It's life!

The bass and beat boxing guitarist told that if he had to describe their song in one word, he would just say "a moustache". Lorent, the writer and vocalist from TWIN TWIN would rather describe it like “life”. Being in a very good mood, Lorent told us that there are a lot of nice songs in tonigh’s First Semi-Final who he is supporting: "I rather like the funny ones with serious message", he said.

"Our band is called TWIN TWIN, because I and François are twins. We wanted the name to sound rhythmic that’s why we call ourselves triple twins", Lorent laughed.

The message of the funny song Moustache is to represent an age of overconsumption, constant pleasure that is always making us feel like we need more, more, more.

TWIN TWIN is a gret example of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation, which would rather live life to the fullest than be dragged overboard by wailing sirens of doubt.

Eurovision is a new adventure for us!

TWIN TWIN told about their rehearsals at the B&W Hallerne: "Our second rehearsal was very, very cool and interesting, because we changed some things. We are trying to build our show step by step, sharing our positive energy. The stage crew at the arena does a great work."

The first question from the press was "Could you give some advices to Jessica Mauboy, who will perform as the interval act". "Be true and stay yourself, like everyday life," were the main offers from Lorent, François and Patrick.

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"How famous are you in France," one Polish journalist asked. “Well, it’s our first album. So, it’s the beginning for us."

One journalist asked the artist, why two of them don’t have moustaches. "I have grown a moustache. But then my friends said, I’m not Freddy Merphy. So I shaved it," Patricked said.

Patrick showed the Georgian dance that he learned from The Shin and Mariko, the Georgian participants.

TWIN TWIN will perform in the second half of the Grand Final.