France: "We wanted a song that can be understood by everyone"

Bruno Berberes introduced the delegation members first and then showed Amaury Vassili's new album to the press.

"We wanted a song that can be understood by everyone," stated a spokesperson of the public broadcaster France 3. "The song is a symbol of what we are doing the whole year: to promote our country," he added.

"After Patricia Kaas and Jessy Matador, we're heading for another big success in Europe. The album is already a huge success in South Africa, but not in Europe, so the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is just a logical step," the producer of Amaury Vassili added.

Asked about his education, Amaury explained that his mother was both his first teacher was also his first fan. His mother was even present at the press conference.

A Polish journalist asked about Amaury about his impressions after watching the two Semi-Finals and if he had considered it more fair to participate in one of the Semi-Finals as well. Amaury confirmed that watching the Semi-Finals was important for him in order to get to know his main competitors. He mentioned, among others, Nadine Beiler and Loucas Yiorkas and Stereo Mike. He added that he wouldn't mind performing in the Semi-Final, as every real singer loves performing in front of a big audience, and he would have considered the Semi-Final a great rehearsal for the Grand Final.

Another journalist asked if the fact that he was considered a favourite put pressure on Amaury Vassili, and he asked who designed the stage background scenery. The art director from France 3 explained that the scenery, showing a storm and a sunrise, was meant to be a contrast to Amaury's clear voice. Amaury added that he hoped he would win, and Bruno Berberes, the Head of the French Delegation, stated that France 3 had the necessary budget to host the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

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