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France gets ready to launch their songs

Posted 9 January 2014 at 22:24

Les chansons d'abord will be devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest on the 26th of January. Alongside its presenter, Natasha St-Pier, three other former French participants will attend the evening: Marie Myriam, Anggun and Amaury Vassili.
This year's candidates will premiere their songs:
  • Destan - Sans Toi (Without You)
  • Joanna - Ma Liberté (My Freedom)
  • Twin Twin - Moustache
The songs will be voted on by the viewers and a jury of professionals, with both accounting for 50% of the result, from that day to the 23rd of February 2014. Recap programs of the songs will be broadcast daily on France 3 and on
The winning title will be revealed by Natasha St -Pier on Sunday the 2nd of March. She will also be this year's Eurovision Song Contest French commentator alongside Cyril Feraud.
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