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Bilal Hassani reigns in France's first rehearsal in Tel Aviv

10 May 2019 at 16:24 CEST
France 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
In his first appearance in Tel Aviv, Bilal Hassani unveiled powerful staging and costumes in none other than this year's signature white. Decorated with sparkling detail, the 'Roi' was joined by 2 backing dancers who help him powerfully embody the song's message.

Bilal Hassani will perform at the Grand Final on Saturday 18 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel. This Sunday, France will draw a first half or second half position in the running order.

Bilal Hassani is a singer, songwriter and social media star. The talented 19-year-old phenomenon won 'Destination Eurovision' in Paris with 35% of the public vote capturing the chance to represent his country at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Bilal's song Roi, written by Emilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas of France's 2018 delegation Madame Monsieur, is an empowering message of self-acceptance and hope.

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What happens on stage?

In the official music video for Roi, we see Bilal transform as he prepares himself for the stage. In his live performance, Bilal performs centre stage in front of a backdrop of quotes he has made in response to criticism he has faced for just being who he is. Bilal is then joined on stage by 2 backing dancers, one of them being Lizzy Howell, a ballet dancer and viral, social media star in her own right. The song ends with the message 'We are all kings/queens'.

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