France: A Corsican sunrise


Amaury Vassili entered the arena backstage almost four hours before his second rehearsal. Earlier than everyone else, to make sure he is well prepared. The operatic performance includes special voice requirements. "My first rehearsal was really good," he says.

Even though the preparations took a lot of time, the performance on stage came down naturally. "I thought it was very hard, since we had a lot of things to check, like the in-ear monitors. Everything was very complicated in the preparations. But when I was on stage, it was very simple."

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Amaury Vassili performed his entry Sognu alone on stage and gave an excellent vocal performance. He was wearing a black suit with golden buttons, fitting his operatic song very well. In the beginning, the stage was completely dark, and as soon as Amaury starts singing, a spotlight on him appeared.

On the LEDs in the stage background a sunrise scenery is depicted, starting during the night and ending with sunrise, with clouds building up. The whole stage act was very well caught by the cameras, with many total shots, and the spidercam was used too.

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