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Four shows to select Austrian entry

30 September 2014 at 12:00 CEST

Building Bridges is not just the official motto of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, it also describes the idea behind the Austrian national selection: Public broadcaster ORF will walk hand in hand with the Austrian music scene to find a strong representative for Europe's Favorite TV Show.

To reach this goal, a team of music professionals will be responsible for the scouting of the greatest talents. Among them are Anna F., one of the most successful contemporary artists in Austria, as well as manager-cum-musician Alex Deutsch.

Four shows in February

Four prime time shows will be broadcast in February to find the candidate for Vienna 2015, and in the end the TV public will take the decision who will represent Austria on home ground.

ORF TV Director Kathrin Zechner (pictured): "Even as a small country, we are renowned as a music nation. In many a basement, on small stages and at home on their laptops, people are producing good music. In cooperation with the Austrian music scene, we want to uncover these yet undiscovered gems, get to know them, and coach them."


Experts to help find the best artists

Finding the most promising artists will be the key task of Alex Deutsch, music professional and manager of fellow expert Anna F: "Usually the professional surroundings and the opportunity to present yourself to the public in an authentic way are decisive in terms of being successful. Together with ORF we have developed a format which, far away from classical talent shows, offers this platform and support."

Anna F. will act as a coach for the young artists: "I have invited some national and international songwriters and producers for the project, with whom I have worked in the past years. I am looking forward to working on the sound and the songs together with them in the studio, and, if necessary, to giving advice."

In the end, everyone working on this project agrees on one common goal: Musical and technical quality on an international top level. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will lead to yet another great Austrian entry!