Four left in German race for Oslo


German broadcaster ARD has opted for a collaboration with private channel Pro7 this year. Altogether, 8 shows decide about who is going to represent Germany in the final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on the 29th of May in Norway. The shows have been given the name Unser Star Für Oslo - our star for Oslo - which started off with 20 candidates in the running at the beginning of February. Now tonight, in the 6th episode, there were 5 contestants left, with four advancing to the next round (qualifiers in bold):

  • Sharyhan Osman
  • Jennifer Braun
  • Kerstin Freking
  • Christian Durstewitz
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut

The next heat, the semi-final of the German national selection, will be broadcast on Tuesday, the 9th of March on Pro7. The final will then take place on the 12th of March, and it will be broadcast live on ARD's main channel Das Erste. On that day, the public will first choose the song to represent Germany in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and then the winning artist out of the two remaining candidates.

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