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Four days to Eurovision in Concert

01 April 2014 at 21:30 CEST

Over the course of this week, we will be previewing the acts that are going to be appearing at Eurovision In Concert, by either through interviews, or videos of the entries. Plus we will be finding out each day more about some of the background to this keenly anticipated event, which is already sold out.

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Apart from the fans, there will be over 200 accredited press from all over Europe who are going to covering Eurovision In Concert.

"We've been very lucky since 2009 already.  Even during the first edition there was lots of interest from press" as René Romkes recalls "but the interest has only increased over the years. Nowadays we are obliged to obtain strict rules before granting press accreditation. We have a limited capacity of course, so unfortunately we have to make a selection."

Just like the Eurovision Song Contest itself these days, the running order of the songs on Saturday night is not decided by a random draw.

"The running order is decided by the team" explains René "last Saturday we had our final meeting, when we made up a running order. The programme is divided into three blocks and of course we keep an eye on a good mixture of up tempo songs and ballads.

Tomorrow René recalls some of his favourite moments from Eurovision In Concert.

Let's look at four more of the acts who will be appearing at the event.


Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen was born in Bergen, Norway, in 1982. In English he simply calls himself Carl Espen. He is the oldest of three siblings, and grew up in a family full of a love for music. Now he will represent Norway in Copenhagen with the song Silent Storm composed by Josefin Winther.

Watch our interview with Carl Espen


Despite the name, there are three people who make up the group Twin Twin. They are a perfect example of the Yolo  (You only live once) generation, which would rather live life to the fullest than be dragged overboard by wailing sirens of doubt. Their song Moustache is composed by Pierre Beyres, Kim N’Guyen, Lorent Ardouvin and François Ardouvin.

Watch Twin Twin perform Moustache

FYR Macedonia

Tijana Dapčević was born into a music family in Skopje. Her father is a music professor, her mother was an opera prima donna and her sister Tamara is also a popular singer from F.Y.R Macedonia. Tamara will perform as Tijana’s backing vocalist in Copenhagen. The song To The Sky is composed by Darko Dimitrov, Lazar Cvetkoski and Elena Risteska Ivanovska.

Watch Tijana perform To The Sky


Mariya Yaremchuk is another performer who is familiar with talent shows. In  2012 Mariya participated in the Ukrainian version of The Voice,  where she reached the fourth place. In the same year she represented Ukraine at the New Wave, the international music festival. Not only did she finish in the top three, but she also won the audience choice award. She will sing the song Tick-Tock which she has composed along with Sandra Bjurman

Watch Mariya Yaremchuk perform Tick-Tock

Tomorrow we will look at some more songs and interviews with acts who will be at Eurovision In Concert 2014.