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Former winners to appear at preview events

25 March 2014 at 15:53 CET

The entries for the 2014 contest have been formally submitted, and the Semi-Finalists now know their position in the running order, and fans now wait patiently for the rehearsals to commence. In the meantime though, a number of preview events are taking place across Europe. Let's have a look at who is going to be appearing, when and where, over the next few weeks.

29th March: Riga, Latvia

For the first time in Riga, a Eurovision preview party will take place.  The following countries from the 2014 contest  will be appearing: Austria , Lithuania and Poland will perform their songs. As an opening act at the preview show will be the band PeR who represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest  last year.

The artists who are going to Eurovision preParty Riga 2014 will have an opportunity not only to sing in Riga, European Capital of Culture 2014, but to see Riga on the next day after the Concert, they will have a sightseeing tour of Riga for all the artists and journalists.

Eurovision preParty Riga 2014 concert will be streamed live on the internet on Latvian Public Media

Watch PeR

5th April: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eurovision In Concert is Europe's biggest preview party, and this year takes place for the sixth time in Amsterdam. Last year a record 25 countries were represented at the event, and this year already 20 countries have confirmed their appearance at the Melkweg venue in the city centre, 

So far, the following countries from the 2014 contest wll be appearing:  Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, France, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and  United Kingdom. 

Special guests will be Frizzle Sizzle who represented the Netherlands in 1986 with the song Alles Heeft Ritme and Emmelie de Forest who won the 2013 contest for Denmark with the song Only Teardrops.

The concert will be hosted by Sandra Reemer, (who represented the Netherlands in 1972, 1976 and 1979) and Cornald Maas.

Such is the popularity of the event that tickets are already sold out. will have a team there to cover the event.

Watch Emmelie de Forest

13th April: London, United Kingdom

The London Preview Party is now in its seventh year, and this time is moving to a new, larger, venue at the Café De Paris in the heart of London's theatre district. 

So far the following acts from the 2014 contest will be performing: Armenia, Austria, FYR Macedonia, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain and Switzerland.

Special guests will be Anne Marie David who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 for Luxembourg with the song Tu Te Reconnaitras, and was third in the 1979 competition for France, At the London event she will also perform Wonderful Dream the English version of her  winning song for the British fans, as well as signing copies of the book "Songs For Europe - The United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest - Volume Two - The 1970s".  Also appearing is Scott Fitzgerald who represented the United Kingdom in 1988 with the song Go, coming a  very close second by just one point behind Switzerland.

The party will be hosted by Nicki French (who represented the United Kingdom in 2000) and Paddy O'Connell.

Tickets are still available for the London Preview Party. will have a team there to cover the event.

Watch Anne Marie David

Did You Know?

  • Preview videos of the entries first appeared in time for the 1971 edition of Europe's Favourite TV Show. Prior to this it was rare for viewers to see any entries outside their own country.
  • Strict rules were enforced regarding the previews. For many years all participating countries were obliged to screen the previews on their national television channels. They weren't allowed to broadcast them in one programme, and had to be shown in at least two separate programmes.
  • There were also restrictions on the earliest and latest dates they could be broadcast. In that first year of previews in 1971, the previews of Ireland and Malta were only shown in black and white, as colour television wasn't established in those countries yet. In fact the very first colour broadcast in Ireland was the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest, which was staged in Dublin.
  • Nowadays broadcasters aren't obliged to broadcast the preview videos on their networks, but with the changing technology, fans have various ways of watching the preview videos, including watching them all here on!

Do You Know?

Do you know of any other preview parties taking place across Europe which feature artists from this year's contest appearing? Let us know at