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Former winners in first Azerbaijani national final

12 January 2008 at 02:36 CET

Either Elnur Gusseinov, Aynur Iskenderli or Unformal will defend Azerbaijan's pride in Belgrade, later this year. 2003 Eurovision Song Contest winner Sertab Erener (Turkey), 2004 winner Rusana (Ukraine) and last year's winner Marija Šerifović (Serbia) will attend the event in Baku as special guests.  

The first ever Azerbaijani national final for the Eurovision Song Contest is organized by iTV, in cooperation with Luxen Ltd. and EuroMedia Company. The organizers of the show promise a fantastic show, featuring "a combination of the finest techniques in set design, lighting and pyrotechnics, to create a special atmosphere for each song."

iTV, the national public broadcaster of Azerbaijan, has been accepted as Active Member of the European Broadcasting Union during the 58th General Asssembly in Istanbul, during the summer of 2007. 

The Azerbaijani national final kicks off at 18:00 CET and ends around 20:30 CET, only a few minutes before we switch live to Tallinn, Estonia, for Eurolaul 2008