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Focus Malmö: Cuisine

28 September 2012 at 14:26 CEST

You now know how to get to Malmö and have some suggestions for places to stay, now you are probably hungry and need something to eat!

Malmö is known as Sweden's most international city with a population made up of people from all corners of the world. As such, the cuisine in the city is distinctly international with a bit of healthy competition coming from Copenhagen just over the water. However, if it is tradition Swedish fayre you are looking for, there is plenty of that about too.

Essentially this city has enough variety in its food to satisfy any palate. Let's take a look at some of the options available in Malmö:

Budget Restaurants

If you are staying in Malmö for any length in time, you may not have the budget or desire to eat at high-brow restaurants every night, so we have picked out some examples of budget restaurants where the dishes are all generally under SEK 100,-.

IKEA (Swedish)

Maybe an unusual choice based on the fact that IKEA is known as a furniture shop. However, abroad the company has carved out a reputation for itself as bringing Swedish cuisine to the world and at very reasonable prices. In Malmö, IKEA is conveniently located close to the Malmö Arena and the reastuarant offers an array of (cheap) Swedish cuisine such as meat balls, smörgås, salads and a variety of cakes and puddings. 

Krua Thai (Thai)

Thai food is very popular in Sweden and Malmö is no exception. Krua Thai is located on Möllevångstorget and has a very good repuation in the city. With almost every dish under SEK 100,- and the possibility for take-away, it is definitely a convenient and reasonable option for those of you looking for something slightly more exotic.

Restaurang Asien (Vietnamese)

Located on Ystadsgatan in the heart of Malmö, this Vietnamese restaurant is not what it seems. Despite the majority of dishes being under or just slightly over SEK 100,-, the restaurant is very stylishly decorated and offers a very extensive menu, giving you the opportunity to try a wide array of Vietnamese food. The restaurant also stocks Vietnamese beer including Saigon Export.

Aras (Persian)

This restaurant is located on Lönngatan and offers Persian cuisine at very good prices with everything under SEK 100,-. The food includes traditional kebabs and other favourites from the region.

Dolce Sicilia (Ice Cream)

With two branches in Malmö on Drottningtorget and Västra Varvsgatan, Dolce Sicilia offers a tantalising range of ice cream at very good prices. A definite treat if you are out and about in the city.

Mid-range Restaurants

A little more expensive, but at the same time well worth the money. Here are some more places to eat in the mid price range.

Bistro La Couronn (French)

This restaurant on Södra Förstadsgatan styles itself as "a little piece of Paris in the heart of Malmö". Serving french bistro style food including Escargot (snails) and other traditional delights, you can be sure of something a little different but at the same time familiar. Pricewise, it is quite reasonable compared to other French restaurants in the region. So maybe worth a visit for a special night out.

Sås och Krås (Swedish)

This place is more of a tavern than a restaurant but serves very good food at local prices. It is situated on Sallerupsvägen and has a distinctly local feel, priding itself on offering local produce and dishes from the Skåne region of Sweden.

Två Krögare - Bullen (Swedish)

You can't get more traditionally Swedish than this place, serving the most rustic of Swedish cuisine at mid-range prices. This place offers a variety of Swedish food but is quite distinctive in that is known for serving "husmanskost", which is the sort of food that used to be served to farmers and other country folk in Sweden.

High-End Cuisine

Sometimes you need an excuse, otherwise you don't. Check out this more upmarket choice of restaurant.

Bloom (European)

This restaurant is a little expensive offering a set menu at about SEK 700. However, it is also very unique. Located on Pildammsvägen, Bloom is a "no menu" restaurant, with meals constantly changing depending on the seasonal flavours and raw ingredients available. This means that no two meal experience here will be the same and that you will always be ensured variety. Definitely worth a visit for a special occassion.

Now that we have looked at food, we will look at recreational activities available in Malmö and the surrounding area next time.