Flor-de-lis: performing at Europe's big Eurovision party

Have you been wondering where you could see that charming band you saw on the stage of Europe's favourite TV-show in May? Wondering whether they're performing anywhere? Below you can find your chances to see them again, live!

  • 6 August at Trofa
  • 7 August at Cabeceira de Basto - 
  • 15 August at Coja in Arganil 
  • 9 September at Lamego in Viseu
  • 12 September at Eurovision Party in Setúbal

Big Eurovision Song Contest party!

The last mentioned event is in fact a big Portuguese Eurovision Song Contest party. Besides Flor-de-lis, Alenka Gotar (represented Slovenia in 2007 at the Eurovision Song Contest), Vânia Fernandes (did the same for Portugal last year), Daz Sampson (represented the UK in 2006) have confirmed to take part. By the way, the host of the event is Kristian Rodic, who hosted many parties at the 2008 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show in the Euroclub.

The arena for the party will be Auditorium José Afonso, one of the largest outdoors spaces prepared for big shows, it's located at Luisa Todi Avenue in the city centre. With this event, the organization is able to receive around 2500 people.

Flor-de-lis performed for Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest, qualified for the Final and achieved the fifteenth place there with their Todas As Ruas Do Amor.

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