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Flor-de-Lis for Portugal!

01 March 2009 at 02:30 CET

The big night in Portugal is over. The entries competing for a place in Moscow were, in running order (winner in bold):

1. Nucha - Tudo Está Na Tua Mão

2. Romana - Acordem Olhos Doirados

3. Filipa Batista - O Teu Lugar

4. André Rodrigues - Não Vou Voltar A Mim

5. Luciana Abreu - Juntos Vamos Conseguir (Yes We Can)

6. Nuno Norte - Lua Sem Luar

7. Fernando Pereira - É O Amor

8. Tayti - Amore Mio, Amore Mio

9. Eva Danin - Amar Mais Forte Que O Vento

10. Francisco Andrade - Voar É Ver

11. Flor-de-Lis - Todas As Ruas Do Amor

12. Nuno & Fábia - Não Demores (Quero-te Aquecer)

The winning song Todas As Ruas Do Amor is composed by Pedro Marques and Paulo Pereira.

The grand final, a three-hour spectacle, was broadcast live by RTP from Teatro Camões in Lisbon and was hosted by hosted by Sílvia Alberto.

Only songs by Portuguese composers were allowed in the competition, and all of the songs had to be performed in Portuguese. From 19 to 30 January people from around the world voted for their favourite songs of the competing 24 songs over the Internet. The top 12 entries qualified for the grand final.

During the final, the voting was decided by a mixture of televoting and jury voting, with a 50% share in the outcome for both groups. The votes were awarded from each region of Portugal.

In the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Vânia Fernandes qualified for the final with Senhora Do Mar and finished 13th. Portugal will perform in the first Semi-Final in Moscow 2009.