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Flo Rida will join Senhit for San Marino 🇸🇲

18 May 2021 at 19:00 CEST
Flo Rida feat. Senhit San Marino RTV
Rapper Flo Rida will feature on Senhit’s Eurovision Song Contest 2021 entry 'Adrenalina', representing the Most Serene Republic of San Marino live on stage in Rotterdam.

Here's a lesson for us all: if you don't ask, you don't get.

When Adrenalina songstress Senhit invited Flo Rida to join her on the Eurovision stage to represent San Marino, it wasn't always clear if the rapper would actually rock up in Rotterdam.

Senhit explains:

'Actually when I invited him to join me on the Eurovision stage back in March, the decision was made there with joy. It was not easy to predict the traveling restrictions, but there we go... I'm very happy to have him with me to perform ADRENALINA, not only to Europe but to the whole world! We are ready!'

The Most Serene rapper, Flo Rida has this to say:

'What’s up Netherlands, it’s your man Flo Rida!

I’m so excited to see you guys at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ll be hitting the stage with the superstar talented Senhit to perform our new record Adrenalina.

It’s such a good feeling to be back in Europe after so long. I’m very grateful to be able to perform once again, and on the biggest stage in the world.'

Senhit and Flo Rida San Marino RTV

Similar to Portugal in 2017, the Sammarinese delegation sought special dispensation from Eurovision organisers, well in advance of rehearsals, to make sure they were able to take the opportunity of including the rapper as part of the performance, should it present itself.

A spokesperson for the EBU explained:

Following a request from the San Marino broadcaster, the EBU, Host Broadcasters and Reference Group agreed to grant permission for the delegation to use a stand-in artist during the first and second rehearsals of their song on the condition that Flo Rida would arrive in Rotterdam in time to perform in the full dress rehearsals as well the Live Shows.

Watch: Official video for Adrenalina - Senhit feat. Flo Rida

All week Senhit has been teasing the rapper’s appearance, wearing images of Flo Rida in place of the baroque iconography ensconced in her elaborate headpiece during rehearsals.

Senhit, San Marino, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 13 May 2021 EBU / Thomas Hanses

Flo Rida has sold in excess of 100 million records globally, and his debut single Low was a worldwide hit that broke all records for digitals sales in 2006.

In an interview with Music Connection, the rapper explored his love of mashing up musical genres and performing for gigantic crowds, making him the perfect participant for a competition like Eurovision:

You know, growing up on music in the ‘80s, I loved watching the Walk This Way video with Run-DMC and Aerosmith. They showed how you can cross over into different genres and still come up with hot music to inspire people. Every time I create an album, such as Wild Ones, I’m always trying to fuse hip-hop with different genres, because I love to watch people’s reactions when I perform them in front of thousands of people.

Flo Rida Flo Rida

Whether the EuroClub can handle him remains to be seen.

Senhit and Flo Rida will perform Adrenalina for San Marino on Thursday 20 May in the Second Semi-Final.