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Flames and fires for the Austrian entry

20 May 2015 at 12:11 CEST
The Makesmakes are ready for their second rehearsal
The Makemakes are ready for their second rehearsal. Their song I Am Yours is about real friendship. Three artists transmit this message through their powerful and harmonic performance. They set the stage literally and figuratively in flames. Will their piano be damaged and how the flames works, find out below!

The first rehearsal was for the Austrian representatives a technical one to check if everything is ok, and everything suits. “There will be some slight changes and improvements on stage in Makemakes performance in today’s second rehearsal,” – said Michaela Polly-Gangl on behalf of the Austrian Delegation. Let them surprise us!

With their entry I Am Yours, the Austrian band the Makemakes want to raise the roof and let the Stadthalle figuratively and literary burn. The Makemakes’ Managing Director, Paul Estrella, explained the secret behind the fire on the piano: "It works only if the flame is not getting too hot. That’s why a special theatre flame is used in the Austrian show. A special material is applied in the piano itself, so that it is not damaged inside.” The size of flame is regulated by the ignition."

Did you already visited The Makemakes home page? The artists prepared a surprise for you - not only their music but also a mini-game - The Makemakes World with beautiful graphics, original animations and exclusive song remixes based on the music videoclip Little is Much More from the Austrian band 'The Makemakes'. Start this crazy adventure skateboarding, jump your way up to the sky, fall into the limbo, surf among creatures and finish flying over the sea in a magical journey.

Gallery: The Makemakes during their second rehearsal Gallery: Austria rocked the stage in the Wiener Stadthalle today

During their second rehearsal, The Makemakes felt “how it should be on Saturday,” – said the artists in their press conference. “We are now very motivated. And my voice was better than in the first rehearsal. This time I knew where the cameras were” - said Dominik.

The artists were asked about their beer brand: “Did you found brewery?” “”We love beer. My grandfather was a brewer. It kinda connection between beer and Rock’N’Roll,” - explained Markus.


Gallery: Press conference with The Makemakes

One journalist remarked that their song sounded “commercial.” “Listen to our album! We have very catchy melodies. If you watch the whole album, you will notice that we also play hard rock. It is really fun to listen to that variety of songs,” said Dominik.

The Makesmakes were asked if they played with any international stars. “We performed with Bon Jovi two years ago. But it is a good idea. We should do that,” asked Markus.

During the second rehearsal, there was no fire on the piano. One journalst wondered why. “It’s our key visual. But you will see fire during the rehearsal on Friday and, of course, on Saturday,” said the Head of Delegation, Michaela Polly-Gangl.

About the meaning of the song, the artsts said: “It’s not only a friendship between me and you. It has more universal message: it is also about friendship about the societies. We shouldn’t work against each other. Make love, not war.”