Flamenco singer offers his talent to Spanish Television

The Spanish fansite eurovision-spain.com offered an interview earlier this week that was worth of becoming a Trend Topic on Twitter in the country.

Proving that news regarding the Song Contest are of major interest even in the "low season", it only took one artist, Falete, to declare his availability to represent Spain in Baku to become the chit chat of the week.

All major media in Spain soon documented about the interview in which the controversial act, known for singing flamenco and copla standards originally performed by female singers. Falete has been in the centre of media attention since his debut in 2004.

Spanish broadcaster TVE, complained that no established artists applied for participation in 2011, but Falete offers himself to represent Spain in Baku in 2012 "...if TVE wants to invite me personally, well, here I am. I offer myself to the task".

Falete explains that he'd do it without a singer's selection, only with a direct invitation but that he'd perform several songs on a televised show for the audience to decide which song they'd prefer for the Eurovision Song Contest.

TVE has not expressed their thoughts about Falete's proposal or about the way they'll use to select the Spanish entry for 2012. Spain placed 23rd at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf with Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao performed by Lucia Perez.

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