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Five days to Eurovision in Concert

31 March 2014 at 21:30 CEST

Over the course of this week, we will be previewing the acts that are going to be appearing at Eurovision In Concert, by either through interviews, or videos of the entries. Plus we will be finding out each day more about some of the background to this keenly anticipated event, which is already sold out.

For the artists as much as for the fans

For fans Eurovision In Concert is an opportunity to get up close to the artists, and to get an impression of how the songs might look and sound on the big stage in Copenhagen in May. But what do the artists and the delegations get out of the event?

"Well, firstly, I really think most of the delegations consider Eurovision In Concert as a promo event prior to the contest in May. However, it's a chance as well for them to meet some of their competitors, and finally, some delegtaions told us for them it's important as well that the artists can get used already to giving interviews and meeting the fans" reveals René Romkes.

"We always get great feedback from the participating delegations. It's always very rewarding for the team to get some feedback after the event. Let me tell you a funny thing: there are some delegations who are contacting ús instead of the other way around: just to tell us we can count on them again! Thàt's the ultimate compliment we can get as a team!"

Tomorrow we will look at the press interest in the event.

Let's look at four more of the acts who will be appearing at the event.


Hersi  has pursued a dual career path, which led her to be successful in both modern and classical music. Despite being still very young, Hersi has already five times participated in the annual Festivali i Këngës, which doubles as the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year her song One Night's Anger, originally titled Zemërimi i një nate, did the trick. The song is composed by Gentian Lako and Jorgo Papingji

Watch Hersi perform One Night's Anger


Ruth Lorenzo is no stranger to competitions. In 2008 she decided to try out auditioning for The X Factor. “I had to come to England to try and achieve my dreams”. When she arrived to the auditions in Manchester she almost went back home, “there were 22.000 people there and I was thinking ‘How the hell am I going to do this?’” But Ruth is a fighter, and she made it all the way through until coming fifth in the competition giving some outstanding and breathtaking performances. 

She will be hoping to do the same in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Dancing In The Rain composed by Ruth Lorenzo, James Lawrence Irvin and Julian Emery.

Watch our interview with Ruth Lorenzo


Teo’s real name is Yuriy Vaschuk. The singer was born on January 24th, 1983 in a small Belarusian town Hidry. Teo has a huge experience in solo singing, composing and arranging. He has composed the song Cheescake that will represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch Teo perform Cheesecake

San Marino

Valentina Monetta is no stranger to Eurovision In Concert, as this will be her third appearance in-a-row at the Melkweg venue. This year she will perform the song Maybe (Forse), composed by the veteran Eurovision composer Ralph Siegel, with lyrics by Mauro Balestri.

Watch Valentina Monetta perform Maybe (Forse)

Tomorrow we will look at some more songs and interviews with acts who will be at Eurovision In Concert 2014.