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Five apples for Poland

The Polish team has prepared an exciting stage act for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, involving three dancers, two backing vocalists as well as the lead singer, Marcin Mroziński. In the beginning, the five backing artists all carry apples in their hands, with which they keep doing tricks throughout the performance: biting into them, offering them to Marcin and rolling them on the floor.

Today, all artists appeared on stage with their Semi-Final outfits. Marcin was wearing a black suit and a dark red tie, while the backing vocalists and dancers wore traditional ethnic costumes, consisting of white blouses and black skirts with green stripes. The dancers also wore red necklaces, which they took off as a part of the choreography.

And, what would the Eurovision Song Contest be without a dress change gimmick? This year, Poland is there to make the fans happy. When one of the dancers is hugged by Marcin towards the end of the song, the other dancers rip off her blouse, which actually works very well with the cameras! The very same dancer then drops some pearls in front of Marcin and slowly floats to the floor, symbolizing her death, as the Head of the Polish Delegation, Maria Makowska, explained.


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"This year can be legendary for Poland"

In the second Polish press conference, Marcin first explained that there were some sound problems during the rehearsal, but everything was settled after some time. In addition to that, there had also been problems with the camera work, as two cameras did not work and blank screens appeared instead.

One journalist asked if it was harder to reach the public with a sad song where the lead singer could not even smile. Marcin confirmed that it was true, but he added that, in fact, he smiles to the dancers, who impersonate girls fighting for his attention. In the end, one of them even dies, and the scene when her blouse is ripped off by the other dancers in fact symbolized her killing.

Marcin stated that his goal was to bring more success to Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest with his performance. "This year can be legendary for Poland," he added.

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