First up: Diana, Csézy & Morena

The first to enter the stage at the Belgrade Arena was Georgia's superstar Diana Gurtskaya, who gave a powerful performance of her song Peace Will Come late yesterday evening at the Ukrainian delegation party. The busy programme and many stage appearances does not seem to have an impact on Diana Gurtskaya. Diana Gurtskaya's song is about peace in the world and peace within the individual, and the whole arrangement on the stage with the backing singers and the competent dancers is definitely going to touch many hearts around European households on the night of the semi-final on 22th of May. Diana Gurtskaya was wearing her outfit for the semi-final: a black designer dress with tassels and long, white, high-healed boots. The dancers and backing singers were all in black outfits as well. At the rehearsal, smoke was blown up from the stage, and at the climax of the song a huge white, silky peace of fabric is lifted over Diana and the backing singers - and back again - by the dancers; thereafter all on stage including Diana suddenly were wearing white outfits, the colour of peace! At the press conference, Diana Gurtskaya and the Georgian delegation expressed their content with today's rehearsal. Moreover, Diana had brought four real, white dows in a cage. A reporter asked if Diana would choose to be able to see, if she signed away her ability to hear. Diana replied that God already has given her what he felt necessary for her life. At the end of the press conference, Diana asked the fans and press to come outside with her in order to symbolise the true meaning of peace with her.

The second country to rehearse on this humid Sunday morning was Hungary's Csézy. Her classy Candlelight was really pleasant to listen to and the Hungarian team did not encounter any major problems today. They had one of the most unusual trips to Belgrade though when they arrived last week as they were escorted by Serbian police cars through Serbia as they were a bit late for their first rehearsal and of course, it went faster with the police by their side! Csézy was wearing her final dress today, a fluffy dream creation in black and white with some hints of pink. Some real candles were added on the stage and the background part is enlighted by hundreds of artificial candles, too! On stage, Csézy had her four competent backing singers just right behind her, and you on the side of the stage, a white piano with a white-clad player added to the elegant impression of Candlelight. A tiny part of the sung is performed in Hungarian now. Csézy explained in her press conference that the main thing for her is that her country would be proud of her performance here in Belgrade irrespective of her final placing. She added that she was trained as a opera singer. When asked if she'd like to start a pop career also abroad, the Hungarian head of delegation, Mrs. Marton, said that it's extremely difficult for a Hungarian artist to be successful in other countries. Fans and journalist were delighted at the end of the conference when the Hungarian team performed a traditional song and also an acapella version of Candlelight. 

Third up on stage was 'the black one' Morena representing the small Mediterranean nation Malta in the upcoming second semi-final on 22th of May. Just as in the last rehearsal, Morena gave full speed ahead from the very first take of her song Vodka, and it is clear that if the party has not started before Morena will enter the stage, she and her lively backing dancers will! Morena was wearing her long, high-healed shiny boots with hundreds of small mirrors, and this theme also is apparent in her top, which is black and decorated with mirrors. The mirrors on Morena's outfit are supposed to increase the feeling of being in a place packed with spies in a Russian setting. Morena's professional backing dancers/vocalists are also wearing black trousers and shirts, and mirrors are covering what look like their gun slings. After today's rehearsals it is clear that Morena and the rest of the Maltese team are ready for the dress rehearsals. At the press conference after the rehearsal, Morena brought a teddybear named 'Vodka', given to her by former Maltese Eurovision Song Contest entrant Miriam Christine (1996). A journalist asked Morena how she will improve the last couple of year's unsatisfactory results. To this Morena answered that she and her team will do that by just having fun and making a party on stage!


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