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First six acts through in Romania

23 February 2013 at 23:49 CET

Tonight the first six acts of the Romania national final, Selecția Națională 2013 gained a place in the Grand Final. These were:

  • Casa Presei - Un refren
  • FreeStay - Criminal Mind
  • Luminița Anghel - Unique
  • Cezar - It's My Life
  • Electric Fence - Emilia
  • Tudor Turcu - Hello

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Broadcaster TVR put on a very good show, with an excellent standard among the 16 participants providing back-to-back entertainment throughout the evening, and tomorrow we will do it all again with the second Semi-Final of Selecția Națională 2013

The Acts

The following 16 acts took part in tonight's show (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Tudor Turcu - Hello
  2. Casa Presei - Un refren
  3. Electric Fence - Emilia
  4. Diana Hetea - I Believe In Love
  5. Station 4 - Your Heart Is Telling me So
  6. Edict - Buddy Buddy
  7. FreeStay - Criminal Mind
  8. Maximilian Munteanu - Broken Heart
  9. Brigitta & Mihai (feat. TIPS) - One Heart
  10. Natalia Barbu - Confession
  11. Spin & Cezar Dometi - Silver Lining
  12. Liviu Mititelu - La donna di nero
  13. Cezar - It's My Life
  14. Tammy - Firebird
  15. Luminița Anghel - Unique
  16. Anthony - Dream Girl

This year, Romania are putting a lot of effort into their national selection with a total of 32 songs competing. We recently published the details of all the entries. Additionally all of the 32 songs have been posted online, at for you to hear.

The final of Selecția Națională 2013 will take place on the 9th of March in Bucharest, where twelve songs will compete for the right to represent Romania in Sweden. 

Tomorrow night join us again for the second Semi-Final, where 16 more acts will battle it out for the last 6 places in the Grand Final. You can also watch the show LIVE on TVR's website. 

Romania will participate in the second half of the second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest on the 16th of May in Malmö, Sweden.