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First seven qualifiers in Moldova

12 March 2013 at 22:37 CET

This week, it's Moldova's turn to select its Eurovision Song Contest entry. Twelve acts were in the running in the first semi-final tonight, which was presented by Cătălin Josan and Evelina Vîrlan.

The show was opened by Pasha Parfeny, who had represented Moldova in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, performed. Before the results announcement, Zdob si Zdub took the stage - the band sang the Moldovan Eurovision entries in 2005 and 2011.

In the end, a 50/50 combination of televoting and the verdict of an expert jury determined the seven qualifiers, who will get a chance to fight for the ticket to Malmö on Saturday.

Tonight's qualifiers

This is the line-up of the first semi-final, which was held tonight (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold, televoting+jury points in brackets):

  1. Diana Staver - Underestimated  (5+0=5)
  2. Vitalie Maciunschi - I Want You Back  (2+3=5)
  3. Margarita Ciorici - Coma  (4+2=6)
  4. Cristina V & Glam Girls - Celebrate  (8+0=8)
  5. Doiniţa Gherman - Planeta e un rai (12+6=18)
  6. Stela Boţan - Inima mea  (1+1=2)
  7. Vitalie Negruţa - You'll Be Mine  (3+8=11)
  8. Aliona Moon - A Million  (7+12=19)
  9. Ruslan Ţaranu - Amadeus  (0+5=5)
  10. Boris Covali - Runaways  (10+10=20)
  11. Felicia Dunaf - Codename Felice  (6+4=10)
  12. Svetlana Bogdanova - Conquer My Heart  (0+7=7)

The second semi-final

The second semi-final of the Moldovan national selection will be held on Thursday, with the following twelve acts:

  1. Tatiana Heghea - A Brighter Day
  2. Aurel Chirtoacă - Iartă-Mă
  3. Inaya - I Need You Now
  4. Anna Gulko - Somebody Else
  5. Valeria Paşa - Show Me Your Feelings
  6. Nicoleta Gavriliţă - Freaky Thong
  7. Irina Tarasiuk - Dancing Hearts
  8. FireLove - Just Smile
  9. Irina Kitoroagă - L.o.v.e. Love
  10. Cristina Scarlat - I Pray
  11. Alexandru Sendrea - In My Head
  12. Cristina Croitoru & Karizma - Never Fall Again

The final

The fourteen winning entries of the two semi-finals will be performed again in the Moldovan national final. It will be broadcast live on's WebTV Player, starting at 19:00 CET - don't miss it!