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First set of semi-finalists chosen in Hungary

25 January 2014 at 23:35 CET

Here are the first three qualifiers chosen by the expert jury:

  • Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time
  • Marge – Morning Light
  • Leslie Szabó – Hogy segíthetnék

After that, televoting decided three more qualifiers out of the seven remaining songs:

  • Ibolya Oláh – Egy percig sztár
  • Group’n'Swing – Retikül
  • Depresszió – Csak a zene

The concept of A Dal has proved to be very successful as a national selection mode, both in terms of viewing figures and of Eurovision Song Contest results - the winners of the show have, so far, each time sailed to the Grand Final. 

Therefore, the concept is being used again this year, and the first show has been broadcast tonight. In this quarter-final, ten entries were performed on stage, and in the end, six of them qualified for the national semi-finals: three were chosen by an expert jury, and three more by the TV public.

This was the full line-up of tonight's show:

  • Retikül - Group’n’Swing
  • Úgy szállj (Fly) - Cserpes Laura
  • Break Up - Lil C
  • Egy percig sztár - Oláh Ibolya
  • Help Me! (Ments meg) - Extensive
  • Hogy segíthetnék? - Szabó Leslie
  • The Way I Do (Ezt érzem igazán) - Hien
  • Csak a zene - Depresszió 
  • Morning Light (Reggeli fény) - Marge
  • Running Out Of Time (Miért) - Király Viktor

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Tonight's winners will compete again in one of the Hungarian national semi-finals, to be broadcast on February 15th and 16th. Before that, two more quarter finals will be broadcast, on February 1st and February 8th, respectively.

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All shows will be streamed live on the official A Dal 2014 website. For the final of A Dal, on February 22nd, we will offer a webcast for all viewers worldwide, right here on!