First Semi-Final: Winners Press Conference [UPD]

When all of the delegations had arrived from the Belgrade Arena back to the press centre, the winners press conference started. All the representatives of the qualifying countries got the opportunity to answer two questions for the press.

The first country to be welcomed in the group of finalists was Greece. The Greek representative Kalomira was asked who was the biggest contender for her in the second Semi-Final. Kalomira didn't want to name a single country, but praised all of tonight's performances. Another journalist asked her how it felt to represent her country. She replied that it was a great burden for her. Greece was drawn 21st in the Final. 

The second country was Romania. Nico & Vlad were asked if they were ready for a great success in the Final. They replied that they were well prepared, but that it was sad that there would be only one winner in the end. They were also asked which was the most important thing that made them pass to the Final. Their answer was that only the public could decide on that. Romania was drawn 1st in the Final.

Next up was Bosnia and Herzegovina. Laka was asked how it felt to be in the Final, and to have his sister on stage with him at the same time. His answer was that it felt great, and that he loved Kalomira's voice. Another journalist confirmed that Laka was a refreshing act in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, and Laka answered that he appreciated the work of the volunteers. Bosnia and Herzegovina was drawn 6th in the Final.

Fourth to speak out was Finland. Teräsbetoni were asked to pass a message to their fans, and the lead singer said that it felt great to be in Belgrade and he thanked their fans for their support. A journalist from Sweden told the Finnish singers that their song was the favourite of their readers, and the singers replied that the Nordic peoples should stick together and support each other. Finland was drawn 8th in the Final.

The fifth country to answer two questions was Russia. Dima Bilan was asked what would be the next time he would take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. He replied that it was amazing to take part in the contest. A journalist from Montenegro asked Evgenii Plushenko what it was like to be on stage at a song contest, and he confirmed that it was a totally new experience for him and that it was a great feeling. Russia was drawn 24th in the Final. 

Sixth in line was Israel. The first question to Boaz was if he was surprised to pass to the Final. He replied that it was a suprise, and that he was looking forward to the Final. A journalist from Israel hinted at the fact that, so far, all Israeli Eurovision Song Contest winners were of Yemenite origin, just as Boaz. He confirmed that he hoped to be a winner, too. Israel was drawn 7th in the Final.

The next country to answer questions was Azerbaijan. The delegation members were asked why there were no artists on the press conference stage. The head of delegation said that the reason was the poor mastering of English of Elnur & Samir, and the lack of possibilities to have a translator on stage. The next question was what it meant for Azerbaijan to be in the Final. Their answer was that it was a great opportunity to showcase Azerbaijani culture in Europe. Azerbaijan was drawn 20th in the Final.

The eighth country to speak out was Armenia. Sirusho was asked what had been the last thing she thought before entering the stage. She said she remembered all the love and support she had received during her preparation for the contest. Second, she was asked how she felt about the fact that only serious songs and no "joke entries" had made it to the final. She said that it didn't matter to her if a song was a joke or not, as long as the artist gave his best. Armenia was drawn 5th in the Final.

Poland was the ninth country on the press conference stage. Isis Gee was asked what had been the first thing she felt when she realised that she was the first ever Polish representative to pass a Semi-Final in the Eurovision Song Contest. She was truly moved and she said that she was humbled. Isis also thanked God for her support. A Greek journalist asked Isis Gee to compare her performance on the Eurovision Song Contest stage with her first ever musical performance, which had taken place in a church. She replied that both performances shaped her personality as an artist, and that they were just part of her destiny. Poland was drawn 10th in the Final.

And the last representatives to share their opinions and feelings were from Norway. Maria was asked how it felt when the ninth envelope had been opened and her country still hadn't been mentioned. She said that it was nerve-racking in every aspect. A Serbian journalist also asked Maria how she felt about the large amount of Norwegian fans supporting her in the hall. She confirmed that it had felt fantastic and that it had given her a lot of power. Norway was drawn 25th in the Final.


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