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First Semi-Final live from Vienna

19 May 2015 at 22:30 CEST
Our first ten qualifiers Andres Puttting (EBU)
Did you watch the first Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest LIVE from Vienna? Surprised by the outcome? 16 acts were competing and 20 countries voting, but only ten qualified for the Grand Final. A two-hour show was hosted by four ladies: Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler, Arabella Kiesbauer and the Green Room host Conchita Wurst! Don’t forget that you can watch it again here on or on our YouTube channel. But you can also follow our live story!

Who would you like to qualify for the Grand Final?
Share with us your 10 qualifiers?

The Contenders

  1. MOLDOVA: I Want Your Love sung by Eduard Romanyuta
  2. ARMENIA: Face The Shadow sung by Genealogy
  3. BELGIUM: Rhythm Inside sung by Loïc Nottet
  4. THE NETHERLANDS: Walk Along sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis
  5. FINLAND: Aina Mun Pitää sung by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
  6. GREECE: One Last Breath sung by Maria Elena Kyriakou
  7. ESTONIA: Goodbye To Yesterday sung by Elina & Stig
  8. F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: Autumn Leaves sung by Daniel Kajmakoski
  9. SERBIA: Beauty Never Lies sung by Bojana Stamenov
  10. HUNGARY: Wars For Nothing sung by Boggie
  11. BELARUS: Time sung by Uzari&Maimuna
  12. RUSSIA: A Million Voices sung by Polina Gagarina
  13. DENMARK: The Way You Are sung by Anti Social Media
  14. ALBANIA: I'm Alive sung by Elhaida Dani
  15. ROMANIA: De La Capat sung by Voltaj
  16. GEORGIA: Warrior sung by Nina Sublatti

@20:30 Are you ready for a big night? Already prepared, knowing all the song? If not this is your last chance. Tonight, we will enjoy 16 amazing acts. However, only ten semifinalists can make it to the Grand Final. So, who would you like to qualify? Share your predictions below.

@20:35 Tonight 16 countries will compete for 10 places in the Grand Final. The broadcast will be hosted by Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer who are eager to welcome the millions of viewers to Vienna for tonight's show - together with Conchita Wurst, the last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, who will be a host from the Green Room.

@20:40 Besides knowing all the songs, you need a scoreboard for tonight's show! Here's a link if you need one (in case you want to evaluate the songs yourself).

@20:45 Let's go to the backstage first. Eduard from Moldova has something to share.

Gallery: First-Semi Final: Fans arriving

@20:50 The First Semi-Final is turning into a colourful show. Fans in different costumes with different flags are arriving to the Wienner Stadthalle.

@21:01 Ready or not the first Semi-Final live from Vienna starts! A reminder of last year's winner, Conchita Wurst is shown on the screens. A big eye is in the centre of the main screen on stage and it opens up to show us the live orchestra. It's the beginning of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!

@21:03 Rise Like A Phoenix, the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, is being performed now by Conchita who welcomes everyone to this year's event

@21:05 And especially to the participants of the First Semi-Final who are now making their entrance to the hall.

@21:09 Now Conchita introduces her counterparts, the three hosts, Alice, Arabella and Mirjam.

@21:11 After the introduction of the show its time for the very first song in this year's competition, Moldova's I Want Your Love, performed by Eduard Romanyuta.

@21:12 His backing group are dressed in police short costumes and it's a very lively performance involving a lot of dancing.

@21:14 Who are you cheering for tonight? Having any flags around like most of the fans who are gathering in arena?

@21:17 Armenia comes next with the international band Genealogy, six Armenians singers coming from every continent plus Armenia! They are dressed in grey with purple capes and a tree dominates the image on the backdrop.

@21:20 The message they sing is called Face The Shadow. Among them, Inga, who already represented her country in 2009 in Moscow with the song Jan Jan.

@21:22 Number three in the first Semi-Final is Belgium, with the young artist Loïc Nottet, a promising all round talent from Wallonia.

@21:24 His is a performance based on an interesting dancing routine with his backing group, all wearing white outfits, while Loïc is in black.

@21:26 A few words about the Eurovision postcards we all enjoy to see: a postcard with hot air ballooning introduces us to the Dutch performer Trijntje Oosterhuis and her backing singers.

@21:27 It's time for The Netherlands song Walk Along, written by Anouk, remember Birds in 2013?

@21:29 A black light and some fluorescent colours adorn the middle part of the performance. And Trijntje is wearing black dress but not the one with an open front, which caused the fuss after her first rehearsal some days ago.

@21:31 And very short now, as it's the song of Finland, at only 1:25, the shortest ever in Eurovision history, Aina Mun Pitää.

@21:33 Perti Kurikan Nimipäivät rock their punk tune to the audience of the packed Wiener Stadthalle.

@21:34 Conchita talks to Loïc in the Green Room before we go on the next song, Greece. She is also chatting with Trijntje from the Nethelands.

@21:36 Maria Elena Kyriakou sings the ballad One Last Breath.

@21:38 Dressed in a dark gold dress Maria Elena, the winner of The Voice of Greece, belts out her ballad one more time.

@21:41 Shadows dominate the stage now, it is time for Estonia's duo Stig Rästa and Elina Born.

@21:43 Stig wrote this song some years ago and kept it safe until he found the perfect voice to sing it with him. He found it on Elina and together they sing Goodbye To Yesterday.

@21:44 Daniel Kajmakoski from F.Y.R.Macedonia is next with his backing group MERJ. The stage is filled with the title of the song, yes, that is Autumn Leaves, although only on the backscreen projections!

@21:48 Bojana Stamenov from Serbia comes next with the inclusive message Beauty Never Lies.

@21:50 A slow start that is heavily lifted in the middle section of the song to great effect, judging from the audience reaction at the Wiener Stadthalle!

@21:53 A white focus on a girl with a burgundy dress dominates the stage now, it is time for Hungary and their simple acoustic song Wars For Nothing, a message of peace from Boggie and her four backing singers.

@21:56 The two artists from Belarus want to be part of a shooting in a film on set. And that's what they do in their postcard, appearing in the set of the famous "Tatort" crime series

@21:58 Uzari&Maimuna appear next on the stage to perform their song Time. Maimuna is elegantly dressed in white while playing her violin and Uzari wears black and grey.

@22:00 After visiting the completion of a crystal cloud with a Swarovski crystal in Tirol, Polina Gagarina arrives to the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle to perform the Russian entry A Million Voices.

@22:02 Polina is wearing a white long dress while some projections are shown on it as part of the performance.

@22:04 Conchita talks to some more artists in the green room, like with participants from Estonia and Serbia, before going on to the next entry: Denmark.

@22:09 A lot of adrenaline which they also release on stage while performing the Danish entry The Way You Are, inspired by their idols, The Beatles.

@22:11 Elhaida doesn't have a driver licence yet, but still on her postcard she was taken to Vorarlberg to drive a snowcat! An experience she'll never forget just like she'll never forget being on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest

@22:13 Here she sings I'm Alive, and we get her message through a powerful vocal performance. Let's not forget Elhaida Dani is the first winner of The Voice of Italy and represents her native Albania.

@22:15 The Romanian band Voltaj (voltage) bring a message with their song De La Capat, it is about the thousands of people that leave Romania to work abroad leaving their children behind. Voltaj want to support these kids necessity to be with their parents.

@22:17 They illustrate it on the stage through pictures and props representing this message.

@22:20 In Tbilisi, the Georgian participant Nina receives her gift, a piece of lace. In Austria she sews a lace skirt as her postcard theme.

@22:22 Nina Sublatti had some voice problems during the weeks and her delegation told us that she was saving it to try to be as strong as possible in the jury rehearsal tonight.

@22:24 Warrior itself has a strong presentation on stage which conveys the message of the Georgian entry.

@22:25 As we've heard all the performances, it's time to go through the recaps and remind the audience about all the act. The first recap is introduced by Alice, Arabella and Miriam.

@22:26 Now it's your turn dear Eurovision fans! You have 15 minutes to vote and up to 20 times.

@22:29 16 countries are competing in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. But there are only 10 stage tickets for Saturday’s Grand Final and it's up to you on to decide who will get them.

@22:31 While the votes are coming from Europe and Australia, Alice, Arabella and Mirjam have introduced a wonderful host city of Vienna. However, from an unusal point of view. They’ve sent their best friends to show you around – their pets!

@22:34 They visit landmarks in the beautiful city of Vienna. It is called "Vienna - what a cool place". Then it's time for the second recap.

@22:37 The following item is another video called "Daughters and sons connections". It is about building bridges between relevant Austrian personalities and the Eurovision Song Contest.

@22:39 The professional juries in each of the participating countries, as well as in Spain, Austria, France and Australia, have already voted yesterday during the "Jury" show. They will account for 50% of the overall total.

@22:41 Last seconds to vote! Europe and Australia stop voting now!

@22:44 Next is a video about Australians at Eurovision, even Austrians mix up themselves with Australians sometimes.

@22:46 Guy Sebastian who represents Australia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is the Wiener Stadthalle as well. Which bring us to a following question. Already familiar with the songs in the Grand Final?

@22:48 Lisa Angeli from France and Edurne from Spain are greeting the viewers around the globe in French and Spanish.

@22:51 While we are waiting for the results, a question for all of you who are following our live story. Who would you like to qualify for the Final tonight?

@22:55 It's time to announce the qualifiers:


@23:02 Congratulations to our first 10 qualifiers! In case you have missed the show or you would like to watch it again, here are the links to web streams.


@23:15 Stay tuned! The press conference of our first ten qualifiers is about to begin. You can follow it live via WebTV!

@23:40 Elida from Albania was to talk to press: "In such moment you never know what too expect. I feel crazy and happy at the same time. Being in the final means a lot to me, I'm so proud to represent my coutry. It is important that I qualifed what happens next it's not so important." She will be performing in the second half of the Grand Final.

@23:45 "It was really hard but we managed to combine so many different characters and cultures. The secret is family. We all have our personalities and strengths but we became a family. It was really something beautiful that Armenian TV created," a lead singer of the band Genealogy said. Armenia will compete in the first half of the Final.

@23:41 'It was amazing and I cried like I just had a second baby, Polina from Russia said during the Press conference. "I'm so thankful for such warmest welcome and it was really amazing and thank you all who were singing together us. Well, I can just say my song is really about love. Everyone speak with one language. No matter where we come from. I saw it today. This is a song for everyone." Russia will perform in the second half.


@23:55 "Thank you for voting for us. It means our message have touched your souls and that will continue spreading this message further. We are really happy to continue a tradition qualifing for the final in the last 21 years", a lead singer of the band Voltaj from Romania said. "The most important thing to stay with children. This is why we are here. We are an old band but it's awesome to be able to be here and share such important message." Voltaj will compete in the second half in the Grand Final.

@00:00 "It's not easy after Serbia as they have a dance a song. Before I go to the stage I talk with my singers I give them confidence. I don't care about the technical possibilities like visual elements, I just care about the message of my song", Boggie from Hungary said. "I always write songs about my songs and feelings. Wars For Nothing. I truly believe that music is more powerful than some people think. That's why I'm here to spread a message about peace. Thank you for you votes". Boggie will perform in the second half on Saturday.

@00:02 "I was crying when the results came out. I'm thankful to sing my song again. I feel very blessed', Maria Elena from Greece. "If I win we will definitely do it, no matter how hard the situation in Greece is. Despite the political crisis, I think that Greece deserves a second chance". Greece will compete in the second Semi-Final.

00:06 "Since we tiold everyone we will take everything step by step, this was our first step. First of all, we have similar languages, we have similar culture and we love Finish people. We also like the Finnish song to support them", Estonian duo Stig and Elina explained why they have brought a Finnish flag. Estonia will perform in the first half of the Final.

00:09 "I'm feeling really proud and I know how people in my country feel now. They are fighting to be in Europe. This is like building bridges for us"., Nina from Georgia said. "You know I always here a question, why I named the song Warrior. We really have a reason for that. We are a small country. This is really hard to explain what it means for Georgia, this is not a simple question."Nina will perform in the second half.

00:13 "I would like to thank you all for supporting me. Even though I like to talk you made me speechless", Bojana said about her first her impressions. "I was excited. We had very busy schedule. I was nervous in the beginning but when I've heard the reaction I was feeling happy. Number nine is my lucky number and just that you know Marija Šerifović was called ninth as well in Helsinki. So read between the lines and nines." Serbia will be performing in the first half on Saturday.

@00:18 I’m more nervous about answering questions than being on stage', Loic from Belgium told the Press. "I was really nervous as a competition was realy hard, but I'm really glad that I've qualified. I love Eurovision because you just have to listen to your heart and music. Tonight we feel united in Belgium. I'm really proud to see that my country was behind me tonight." He will be competing in the first half of the show on Saturday.

@00:30 That's all for tonight! Good night Europe and Australia. Join us tomorrow for another busy day in the Wiener Stadthalle. We will have another live story and a lot of content to share.