First Semi-Final contestants draw their running order

In a press conference at the Olimpiysky Arena, the representatives of the ten countries that qualified for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in the First Semi-Final talked about their feelings about tonight's show and their plans for Saturday. Journalists from all over Europe were present, and they had the opportunity to ask the happy qualifiers questions. The starting positions for Saturday's Final were also drawn.

The Swedish representative Malena Ernman was asked if, after her first attempt at pop-opera, she would want to try again to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest. She replied that she would do it again if she was drunk enough.

Inga and Anush, representing Armenia, were asked whose idea it was to use national costumes on stage. They mentioned the company Fresh Art as the designers of the clothes and thanked the choreographer and the scene director in the Armenian delegation.

The Turkish singer Hadise was asked how it felt to be the first artist to be announced as a finalist. She replied that she actually wanted to be more nervous, having to wait for her country to be called, but the sudden announcement came too fast for her, almost like a joke!

Noa and Mira Awad from Israel were asked what they would reply to someone who accuses them for making political propaganda. They answered that they had been working together already for more than eight years, and that no one had dictated anything to them. They added that they represent moderates, not extremists, supporting all those who choose life over death, love over violence.

When the Icelandic representative Yohanna was asked how important her qualification was for Iceland after more than six months of bad news concerning the economic crisis. She confirmed that her country can use some good news now, and she thanked everyone who voted for her.

Elena Gheorghe, the Romanian representative, was asked if she was superstitious and if she had any rituals to get the victory. She denied that, though, saying that she believed in God and that she was certain only he could help her.

The Finnish band Waldo's People were asked how they would enjoy the city of Moscow before the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. They replied that they were looking forward to a few days off, and they would use the time for sightseeing.

Daniela Varela, the lead singer of the band Flor-de-Lis from Portugal, was asked why she had cried at the end of her performance. At first, she jokingly denied having cried, but then she admitted she did, saying that she had started singing only eight months ago, and she just could not believe what had happened in the meantime.

Chiara, the artist representing Malta, was asked why, after trying to win twice before, in 1998 and 2005, she took another turn this year - was it just promotion? She said that the only reason was her stubbornness, and she just had to do it again and, thus, finish it with a victory!

Regina from Bosnia and Herzegovina were asked if their song really just talked about the nostalgy for a young love or if the red flags could be mistaken for nostalgy for something else. They replied that there was no other message in their song but the message of love, and they thanked everyone who understood that message.

This is the draw for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest (the remaining positions will be known after the Second Semi-Final, to take place on May 14th):

  1. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  2. Israel
  3. France
  4. Sweden
  5. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  6. Portugal
  7. Iceland
  8. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  9. Armenia
  10. Russia
  11. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  12. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  13. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  14. Malta
  15. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  16. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  17. Germany
  18. Turkey
  19. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  20. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  21. Participant of the Second Semi-Final
  22. Romania
  23. United Kingdom
  24. Finland
  25. Spain

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