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First reactions of tonight's other contestants

19 May 2013 at 03:44 CEST

For some their result had come as a complete surprise, and they were thrilled and what they had just achieved, and for others it was difficult to hide their disappointment.

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One of the first we had the chance to talk to was Robin Stjernberg, who had the pleasure of performing in front of a home crowd, and was very enthusiastic in his praise for everything tonight.

Margaret Berger was very gracious in her praise for the Danish winner, and was delighted with her own result in the contest, a fourth place.

Just one place behind her was Dina Garipova for Russia, who was just beaming in her smiles to the cameras,

From the United Kingdom, Bonnie Tyler was equally as gracious, and was delighted not only with her own performance, but of the amazing atmosphere in the arena, and was pleased that she hadn't finished in last place.

Malta achieved one of their best results for several years, and Gianluca was thrilled at having come in eighth place, and just loved the atmosphere on stage. We asked him that if he enjoyed it so much, would he do the contest again? He replied he would, but maybe not as soon as next year.

Greece had got off to the best possible start in the voting, and their lead singer, and composer, Ilias Kozas, was very happy at the result with a sixth place, and was full of praise for the winner.

The Belgian artist, Roberto Bellarosa was extremely happy with his result (12th place), and was full of smiles for our camera.

Nodi Tatishvili, who is one half of the couple that represented Georgia, expressed his satisfaction with everything, and was more than happy to talk to us, whilst his partner Sophie Gelovani was being physically carried along the red carpet corridor that connects the two venues.

The Italian entrant, Marco Mengoni, who isn't known for his command of the English language, seemed to find the ability to talk to us a bit in English, and was happy that Italy achieved another respectable result.

The runner ups

The Ukrainian artist Zlata Ognevich was also very happy at having done so well in the contest, with her third place.

Although we couldn't  locate the Azerbaijani runner up, Farid Mammadov, we did chat to one of the composers, John Ballard who talked to us about the buzz of watching the voting, and that they were in contention for so long before he could see the gap widening between his song and the winner.