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First reaction from tonight's finalists

17 May 2013 at 02:07 CEST

The first winning artist to be met by the television crews was the last one who was on the big stage in the running order, and that was Cezar from Romania, who remarked that he had problems with his in-ear piece and had managed to carry on virtually accappella.

Some of the artists seemed almost surprised to have qualified and Eyþór from Iceland admitted it hadn't really sunk in until the time he had reached his dressing room.

The singers from Dorians were somewhat stunned when we asked them about how they felt about reaching the final, but after thinking it over for a few seconds they were naturally delighted.

Amongst the loudest in her celebrations at qualifying, not surprisingly,was Krista Siegfrids from Finland, who was just ecstatic at fulfilling her Eurovision dream.

The Greeks celebrated by playing the trombone, and by whacking their drumsticks against the metal poles that were suppporting the canvas tent walk between the Arena and the Malmö Mässan hall which houses the dressing rooms and the press centre.

Hungary's ByeAlex was the first to be announced as a qualifier to reach the Final, so he had a little bit more time to get used to the idea, and was quite quiet in his reactions, but of course he was pleased to have got through.

As one of the Nordic countries, there was something of a media scrum surrounding Margaret Berger of Norway, and she was very dignified in expressing how happy she was.

The Georgian couple, Nodi and Sophie were very happy, and looking forward to the final on Saturday night. Similarly Farid Mammadov was able to reply in English that he was happy to make the final.

As virtually the last artist to leave the arena, we were able to take a bit more time to chat to Gianluca from Malta, who admitted that he was starting to get worried about his chances of taking Malta into the final, by the time they got down to about the seventh country announced, but he was extremely happy about getting through the Semi-Final and was looking forward to Saturday night.  However before that he will of course, be rehearsing Tomorrow tomorrow.

Watch the reaction of the ten finalists