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First five acts through to Final in Estonia

14 February 2014 at 23:20 CET

Estonia has one of the more popular national selections in Europe, with a focus on talent and the Estonian language. 

In recent years, Estonia's results at the Eurovision Song Contest have been mixed but this year broadcaster ERR are very keen to secure the country a good spot in Copenhagen in just a few months time. 

The qualifiers 

Tonight the following five acts qualified to the Final, which will be held at the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn on the 1st of March:

  • Kõrsikud - Tule Ja Jää - Kõrsikud
  • Wilhelm - Resignal - Lauri Kadalipp
  • Tanja - Amazing - Timo Vendt & Tatjana Mihhailova
  • Lenna - Supernoova - Mihkel Raud
  • Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band - Maybe-Maybe - Mati Sütt, Janno Reim

The participants

Tonight the following ten acts competed for the five places in the Final (qualifiers marked in bold):

  1. Tanja - Amazing - Written by Timo Vendt & Tatjana Mihhailova
  2. The Titles - Flame - Rasmus Lill, Markus Rafael Nylund
  3. Wilhelm - Resignal - Lauri Kadalipp
  4. State of Zoe - Solina - Anneliis Kits, Sander Mölder
  5. Nimmerschmidt - Sandra - Fredy Schmidt, Andero Nimmer, Merilyn Merisalu
  6. VÖÖRAD - Maailm On Hull - Priit Uustulnd, Meiko Umal
  7. Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band - Maybe-Maybe - Mati Sütt, Janno Reim
  8. August Hunt - Kus On EXIT? - August Hunt
  9. Kõrsikud - Tule Ja Jää - Kõrsikud
  10. Lenna - Supernoova - Mihkel Raud

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Estonia will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place at the B&W-Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen on the 6th of May. The Grand Final takes place on the 10th of May.