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First Finnish finalists decided

09 January 2009 at 21:44 CET

The Finnish final this year follows the same routine as the 2008 edition: three Semi-Finals with four songs each are being held of which the top two qualify directly for the final on January 31st. The four acts performing their respective songs in YLE's studio in Tampere tonight were (qualifiers in bold):

  • Kwan - 10 000 Light Years  
  • Riikka - Meren  
  • Tapani Kansa - Rakkautta On, Rauhaa Ei  
  • Tiara - Manala 

The two songs that didn't go to the final mustn't give up their hopes yet though as they will have another chance in a Second Chance round which will be held directly before the Finnish final on the last of January.

One of the qualifiers tonight were Kwan, and's Andreas Schacht had the opportunity to ask them a few questions: "Why did you decide to take part in the Finnish national final 2009? What do you expect from it?"

Kwan: "The Eurovison Song Contest has evolved, so have the musical genres being represented there. We felt confortable to participate with our own style and we believe it can help us reach new fans and frankly, we find the whole thing rather exciting!" "Can you tell us more about your song?"

Kwan: "The song is called 10,000 light years. With this song we are going back to our roots soundwise. It´s really energetic,with a great beat, spooky strings and we love the arrangement!" "Have you followed the Eurovision Song Contest over the years and if so which songs/artists did you like?"

Kwan: "Yes,  I always had a little glance on the competition without being a fanatic of it. When it comes to the artists that I remember, I´d have to go with our neighbours, Abba the Swedes! I mean after the competition, they had an unbelievable career. One can only hope to achieve the same!"