First Eurovision winner Lys Assia enters Swiss selection

The grand old lady of Europe's favourite TV-show, Lys Assia has teamed up with the composer that has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest the most times - Ralph Siegel.

She has submitted a song named C'Etait Ma Vie to the internet selection part of the Swiss selection. You can listen to the song on the broadcaster's website.

Assia has expressed her interest to take part again in the Eurovision Song Contest to as well in an interview in Oslo. Also, check out our latest interview with her below!

In the Swiss national final, a total of fourteen entrants will battle for the ticket to Baku, six out of which will be chosen through an internet pre-selection. From September 1st till September 30th, artists can upload their songs, and a 50/50 mix of internet voting and the verdict of an expert jury will decide on the finalists.

An additional two finalists will be nominated by the Italian-language public broadcaster RSI, and a call for entries has been issued just recently. No further details on the mode of selection have been published yet.

The French-language public broadcaster, RTS, has the right to appoint three finalists to the national final, and the rules of the competition have been published on the RTS website.

Entries can be submitted until September 30th, then a jury will narrow down the number of entries to ten. Those ten entries will be put on heavy rotation on the radio and TV channels of RTS between October 20th and 30th, and in the end, the three finalists will be selected by a 50/50 combination of public and jury voting.

Apart from that, the German language radio channel DRS 3 has three spots in the national final, but no news have been published on how the representatives will be chosen. 

Lys Assia won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 with her song Refrain but failed to defend her title the year after. She's also been a prominent guest at Europe's favourite TV-show the past years.

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