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First Dress Rehearsal of Grand Final

22 May 2015 at 16:00 CEST
Our three lovely hosts and Conchita Andres Putting (EBU)
The excitement at this year's Eurovision venue is rising as the first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final was held at 14:00 CET! This was the last chance for the 27 finalists to bring their performances to perfection, before tonight's show is aired for the jury members only! A lot of fans were following the last rehearsals in Wiener Stadthalle too. But you can join as well, follow our live updates and share your opinion bellow.

@13:55 This afternoon at 14:00 CET there will be a full dress rehearsal of the Grand Final, which will be the first opportunity that the press and fans in the arena get to see what the entire programme will look like.

@14:05 This is the running order for the Grand Final:




























@14:10 The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest will start with a spectacular opening

@14:13 First some sights of Austria, then Conchita actually rising like a Phoenix.

@14:16 The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra playing Te Deum and the Ode to Joy at the Schönbrunn gardens.

@14:21 A tribute to Udo Jürgens and then a gathering onstage between the four hosts, the Vienna Boys' Choir, the multinational Suparar Choir and the Austrian rapper Left Boy, accompanied by the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra this time singing the Building Bridges theme.

@14:25 Now it's time for all of the artists to join the crowd on the stage. The 27 finalists and there's virtually not room for anybody else!

@14:29 And after that it's time for the Building Bridges video, which is played to the soundtrack of Russia's 2013 entry What If, by Dina Garipova.

@14:33 A visit to the Lipizzaner breeding farm in Piner introduces the Slovenian duo Maraaya, fresh from last night's Semi-Final who get to perform as song number 1 in tomorrow's Grand Final with the song Here For You.

@14:36 Lisa Angell from France comes next in her postcard she is photo shooting with Jiro Shimizu at a tea service. She is a Sissi lover after all.

@14:39 A touching performance from Lisa surrounded by an impressive post-war backdrop and drummers.

@14:42 Complete change of pace with song number three as Israel's Nadav Guedj takes on the stage

@14:45 The 16 year old Golden Boy and his backing dancers and singers fill the Wiener Stadthalle with energy and oriental beats.

@14:48 Get the scoreboard for the Grand Final on time. You can download it here!

@14:52 After some small camera issue, the first Dress Rehearsal of Grand Final continues. It's time for the long-boarding at the Mattsee in Salzburg postcard featuring Stig Rästa and Elina Born.

@14:55 They made Estonia qualify from the first Semi-Final on Tuesday with Goodbye to Yesterday.

@14:58 A magical light dance with bright drones introduces the UK duo Electro Velvet.

@15:02 And quite fitting as their performance of Still In Love With You involves a lot of lightnng effects and even on their outfits!

@15:04 It's time for a visit to the Vienna Prater with Genealogy, the Armenian group who perform at number 6 in the Grand Final.

@15:05 The six international artists give another moving performance of their message song Face The Shadow.

@15:07 It's always exciting to see again the Lithuanian duo doing a bungee jump in their postcard

@15:09 But here they come safe and ready on the stage Monika and Vaidas and their already legendary kiss. They qualified from last night's second Semi-Final with the song This Time.

@15:13 Bojana from Serbia loves fabrics above all and sews most of her clothes herself, and so we can see that on her postcard Serbia performs at number 8 in the Grand Final with mid tempo turned disco stormer Beauty Never Lies.

@15:16 Time for Norway next. Mørland and Debrah Scarlett qualified from last night's Semi-Final with the dark ballad A Monster Like Me and their one-shot camera work

@15:19 The Swedish artist Måns Zelmerlöw is presented with a ticket to Mars in his postcard! But he is actually going down a cave in Austria.

@15:21 It is song number 10, Heroes, with Måns and his little friend in the projections

@15:23 We just realised that it's not a dress rehearsal for all, as some of the artists are not in costume but that's not the case with Cyprus' John Karagiannis, as he is wearing his suit on stage while performing his emotional and simple ballad One Thing I Should Have Done as number 11.

@15:26 Australia is next! At number 12 the downunders will make their Eurovision Song Contest debut, and who knows if they'll be back again next year?

@15:28 Guy Sebastian "only" needs to win this year with Tonight Again, a brassy number with a very uplifting performance!

@15:32 Right after, at number 13 comes Belgium with the young talent Loïc Nottet and his original number Rhythm Inside, qualified from the first Semi-Final.

@15:35 The host country, Austria, is up next, right in the middle of the Final show with the young rock band The Makemakes.

@15:36 Obviously their fellow countrymen are giving them a very warm welcome on the stage where they compete as #14 with the feel good ballad I'm Yours.

@15:42 After the break comes Greece with the ballad One Last Breath performed by Maria-Elena Kyriakou looking stunning in her silver and black dress as number 15.

@15:46 It is time for some fish and grill with Knez from Montenegro. He stated at the winners' press conference that he is having his absolute best time of his artist life here in Vienna.

@15:47 And so he shows on stage while singing Adio, penned by Eurovision veteran Željko Joksimović.

@15:50 It is time for Germany at number 17. Ann Sophie is in a ski-jump training in a wind tunnel in her postcard.

@15:52 And she rules that stage dressed in a black one piece singing Black Smoke.

@15:54 Now we're taken to a confectionery in Demel, Vienna where Monika from Poland is baking a cake

@15:56 And seconds after we see her on the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle to sing her self penned ballad In The Name Of Love.

@15:58 In her postcard Aminata is shown enlivening the architecture of Salzburg's old town with unusual body sculptures.

@16:00 As unusual and original it's her performance on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest as well. Love Injected made Latvia qualify last night for the first time in seven years.

@16:02 And from the first Semi-Final come the Romanian band Voltaj and their song De la Capat with the very clear message "Don't leave your children behind".

@16:04 It's addressed to the thousands of Romanians emigrants all over the world that go abroad to work while their families stay at home in Romania.

@16:05 Number 21 is the slot assigned to Spain. In her postcard Edurne is seen in the Kitzbühel Alps welcomed by husky dogs and sledding herself through the beautiful winter landscape.

@16:08 Edurne has a costume change through her performance and looks stunning in a green-gold dress that weighs more than 8 kilograms! The Spanish song is called Amanecer which means Break Of Day.

@16:11 Right after comes Hungary, which qualified in the first Semi-Final with the peace message Wars For Nothing performed by Boggie and friends.

@16:14 #23 is the number for Georgia, our only "Warrior" in contention now.

@16:16 Her name is Nina Sublatti and she's wearing the black short dress with feathers from last Tuesday.

@16.18 Their neighbours Azerbaijan are also next to them in the running order in this Grand Final, at number 24.

@16:20 It is the Hour Of The Wolf, the howling from the land of fire in the voice of Elnur Huseynov and his two dancers.

@16:22 Three more songs to go in this first general rehearsal and it's Russia's turn with A Million Voices.

@16:24 The message of unity and hope performed by Polina Gagarina who qualified from the first Semi-Final.

@16:26 Two songs of Italian interest perform last in the Final, first is the winner of The Voice Italy, Elhaida Dani, who represents her native Albania with the song I'm Alive.

@16:28 Elhaida has changed her dress, but we cannot guarantee that this new black long dress will be the one she wears tomorrow night.

@16:30 In the Italian postcard we see the guys of Il Volo playing wheelchair basketball with the pros of the Austrian team.

@16:32 Grande Amore is the last song in the Final and the first ever song to be performed at number 27 in a Eurovision Song Contest Final. Il Volo display a taste of their bel canto styled singing to close the competition this year.

Gallery: First Dress rehearsal: Grand Final

@16:45 IN PICTURES: First Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final! Here's a sneak peek what was going on the Eurovision stage. Check it out and let us know who do you support.

@16:59 Or if you prefer "motion pictures". This is a trailer for the Grand Final which will be broadcasted live from Vienna at 21:00 CET.

@17:29 The Makemakes were the first act to have their press conference today. First Dominic Muhrer said about the message of their song: "It's about friendship and solidarity and during the rehearsal today it worked out really fine. The audience was singing along, it was peaceful - a very special moment."

@17:40 How do you feel now the rehersals are over? "It was the first time we performed in front of a Eurovision audience and it was great, and since today we are really nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach, no not butterflies, big birds!" Ignazio said. "Il Volo means The Flight, it's a short name and it's easy to say in any language, everywhere we go!" Piero explained.

@17:50 Next to join us in the Press conference area is Edurne from Spain. Follow it live in our WebTV Player!

@18:03 "I'm really happy, I'm so excited... I feel good with this rehearsal today, so I'm ready for the Eurovision Song Contest!" Edurne stated upon arrival at the press conference.

@18:10 This is something what will call 100 seconds of atmosphere in the backstage!

@18:15 If you are wondering what our lovely hosts are wearing, here's an answer.

@18:25 Ann Sophie entered the press conference stage together with a guitar player, performing a short acoustic version of her 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry Black Smoke. "I am still sick but I am feeling better - you don't have to worry. This will be a great night", she said about her performances on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

@18:32 "You're being successful in the endeavour of bringing happiness with your song", the moderator of the press conferences complimented to Electro Velvet at the beginning of their press conference. "We weren't actually put together for the occasion, because I had already sought Bianca around but after the competition we're just gonna let Electro Velvet lead us then", Alex said.

@18:45 Are you wondering how the city of Vienna - the host city of this year's Eurovision Song Contest looks like, what to do and what to see? Here is your chance!

@18:59 The first question was to Nathalie André, representative of France 2, about the fact that France has been drawn to the first half of the Grand Final, and now Lisa Angell is singing second. She commented: "All positions in the running order are good. Last year Conchita was in the first half too, and she won. Even myself, when I do a TV show, I put the strongest artists in the first part of the show. And that's how we take it."

@19:10 "Ï think I just want to do my performance now, it's been such a big build up, so I can perform and give a sight of relief, but at the same time I'm excited, after watching the Semi-Finals now, they were fantastic, oh I don't want this to end!", the Australian performer Guy Sebastian said about his feelings the day before the Grand Final.

@19:30 Wow! It finally happened. One million likes on Facebook. A big thank you for all of you out there, wherever you are!

@19:45 You know that there is also the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, right? A short press conference was held this afternoon about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which will be held in the Arena Armeec in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 21st of November. Read more.

@20:01 There is just one hour left until the Jury show. 27 acts are competing and the juries from 40 countries are voting tonight at 21:00 CET! Excited? Who is your favourite this year?

@20:19 Do you think you know everything about the 60 years of history of the Eurovision Song Contest? Then watch our video below and answer the question. You can win a €60 voucher for the official Eurovision Fanshop.

@20:30 Tonight the Jury show is on, but tomorrow you decide! Who would you like to win the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest?