First Bulgarian semi-finalists chosen

After the first three quarter-finals a Best-of-three Selection was held. In the show all the 9 winners of the previous three shows competed. Three of them qualified for the semi-final:

  • Deyan Dzhenkov - Imam tvoeto ime (24,14% of televotes)
  • Prima Vista - Let's spread love (19,66%)
  • Iskra & Misha Iliev - Dokosni me (13,46%)

Now the selection process continues with more quarter-finals to be held in the upcoming Thursdays.

After twelve selection events, the nine winners and nine contestants picked by a jury will compete in two semi-finals, some time in January. 

The best half will proceed to the final, in which another three internally selected contestants feature. By means of televoting, the public will decide who will represent Bulgaria in Moscow at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Read more about the process here.

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