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Firelight to represent Malta

09 February 2014 at 00:55 CET

The show was presented by two former Maltese entrants, Ira Losco who finished in second place for the country in the 2002 edition, and last year's participant Gianluca. They were joined by the experienced presenter Moira Delia.

Tonight's Participants

  1. Love Tricity sung by Christabelle Borg. Composed by Magnus Kaxe and Gerard James Borg.
  2. Some Kind Of Wonderful sung by Wayne William. Composed by Wayne William Micallef.
  3. Brand New Day sung by Davinia Pace. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu (Matthew Mercieca).
  4. City Lady sung by Ryan Paul Abela. Composed by Paul Abela, Ryan Paul Abela and Joe Julian Farrugia.
  5.  Love Will Take Me Home sung by Franklin Calleja. Composed by Glen Vella, Beatrice Eriksson, Marcus Frenell and Michael James Down.
  6.  One Last Ride sung by Daniel Testa. Composed by Stephen Rudden and Lawrence Peter Bridge. (Third Place)
  7.  Let The Sunshine In sung by Sophie Debattista. Composed by Sophie Debattista, Lou Mullen, Adam Pakard and Alexander Dew.
  8.  Oblivion sung by Chris Grech. Composed by Philip Vella, Chris Grech and Gerard James Borg.
  9.  Until We Meet Again sung by Deborah C. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu (Matthew Mercieca).
  10.  Hypnotica sung by Jessika. Composed by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg.
  11. Take Me sung by Pamela. Composed by Boris Cezek.
  12. Coming Home sung by Firelight. Composed by Richard Micallef.
  13.  Because I Have You sung by Amber. Composed by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan.
  14.  Pin The Middle sung by DeBee. Composed by Peter Paul Galea and Debbie Stivala.(Second Place)

Special guests in tonight's final were the current Eurovision Song Contest title holder, Emmelie de Forest who performed her new song Rainmaker and the Swiss entrant for this year, Sebalter with his song Hunter Of Stars. Plus the Maltese winner of the Junior Eurovision song Contest 2013, Gaia Gauchi performed in front of her own audience. Local guests performing included Winter moods and comic duo Gorg u Pawlu.

The running order of the final was mainly producer led, however two positions were drawn at the press conference following the semi-final. The opening song and the final song in the line-up

The Judging

The winning song was determined by the votes of six judges and televoting made the votes of a seventh judge. The judges in the final were different judges to those that judged the semi-final. The televoters favoured the song Hypnotica.

About Firelight

Firelight is a Maltese country/ folk/ pop band. The band consists of Michelle Mifsud (vocals, piano, percussion), Richard Edward Micallef (vocals, acoustic guitar, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, percussion), Tony Polidano (vocals, upright bass, electric bass, acoustic bass, percussion ), Matthew Ellul (acoustic guitar, electric guitar) and Leslie Decesare (drums, percussion, harmonica).

Firelight were formed in June 2013 and are still in the process of recording their first album which is set to be released in February 2014. All the songs of the album are a collective effort of the band inspirations and ideas which represent the band itself.

The style of music is somewhat new and the aim of the band is to produce a fresh sound to the music scene both locally and internationally. The start of Firelight’s journey will began at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song entitled Coming Home but surely does not end there. After the festival in February there are plans which will be set in motion that include promoting the new album via online marketing, getting the songs played on local and foreign radio and tv stations, releasing the music video’s and touring in Malta and Europe.

The sky is the limit and the hope is to have the bands’ music recognized and enjoyed throughout the world. So far, the feedback for the release of  Coming Home has been great so with nothing but determination and drive Firelight look forward to the future and thank everyone upfront for any support they receive along the way.

Malta has been drawn to perform in the first half of the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 to be held on the 8th of May in Copenhagen.