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Firelight hoping to blaze a trail

29 April 2014 at 15:12 CEST

The Maltese delegation arrived nice and early for their first rehearsal at the B&W Hallerne, giving them plenty of time to get used to their surroundings, and to chat to fellow contestants who were also getting ready for their first rehearsal. It was also an opportunity for to speak to Richard Edwards.

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A family affair

Richard has finally achieved his desire to represent Malta on the Eurovision stage, having tried several times before, including being the runner-up in 2011 with a song called ironically, Finally. 

The group, Firelight, includes Richard's sister, Michelle Mifsud, on the piano, and brothers Wayne William, as backing vocalist, and Daniel Micallef on the acoustic guitar. Additional band members are Tony Polidano, on the upright bass, and Leslie Decesare on the drums and harmonica.

There will be some small differences in the performance that won the Maltese national selection. Richard informed that he will be standing this time, rather than seated, to give the whole performance "a bit more energy". The song has also been re-arranged since they won back in February.

When asked about his expectations in terms of result, Richard is more focussed on his performance, as that element will be very much out of his hands, but, regardless of result, they have plans for an album after the contest.

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Red and blue skies

The background image is of a field, with a red sky at the start of the song, progressing into a blue sky, before once again turning back into a red sky by the conclusion of the performance. Intermittently on the cubes appear some black and white photos of various faces flashed up for a few seconds.

There are also some crates on stage just behind the performers, giving a country folk look and feel to the entry. All the group members were casually dressed for thir rehearsal today.

Some high camera shots looking down from the ceiling are also included to complete the visual look of the entry.

The guitar arrangement of Coming Home is particulalrly strong at the opening of the number, and builds up nicely to get everyone tapping their feet during this easy on the ear entry. Malta have the distinction of opening the second Semi-Final so will be hoping that Coming Home can make a lasting impression on the audience.