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Finland: will Paradise Oskar charm the masses?

01 April 2011 at 02:50 CEST

Axel already took an interest to music when he entered school and soon his own melodies

were ringing in his head. Songwriting was more and more prominent in Axel’s life

and he wanted to bring his songs for others to hear. But first he had to get a stage name.

He found that in Astrid Lindgren’s fairytale – an old vagabond, who made his living

playing the accordion.

The Finnish final

Last summer during improvisation, he quickly came up with a melody and wrote the partly

sarcastic lyrics about people’s indifference.  He decided to send his shoebox budgeted demo to the Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. His only wish was to get feedback from his music.

A few weeks later the Finnish Broadcasting Company contacted him, but the e-mail was

a total surprise to Axel.  The jury had picked Da Da Dam straight to the Finnish final!

After his initial bewilderment, Alex started to put the finishing touch to the song. The well-known composer/arranger/producer guru Leri Leskinen came to his assistance. Da Da Dam was first performed publicly at the end of November and started to conquer the masses.

Paradise Oskar’s first performance on a live TV broadcast in January paved the way; he won his qualification round and got more and more fans. In the final of the Finnish national selection, Da Da Dam scored almost fifty per cent of all the phone and text message votes.Paradise Oskar had sung his way irresistibly and irrevocably to the hearts of the Finns!

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New record contract

Some days ago, Axel signed a record deal with Finland’s leading record company Warner Music Finland.

The 20-year-old talented singer/songwriter is currently working on his debut album, which will be released on the fourth of May in Düsseldorf. Paradise Oskar has composed all the songs and written the lyrics. The producer is Leri Leskinen and the executive producer is Warner’s newly appointed production manager Lasse Kurki.

“Paradise Oskar blew us away primarily as a composer and lyricist. The first time we met, he professed to be a keen admirer of Brian Wilson and Jimmy Webb, who are also my favourite songwriters. When I heard that I understood why such a young guy could write such fine and multidimensional songs”, Lasse says.