Finland: who will represent the country in Oslo?

Earlier this month, three semi-finals of Eurovision Laulukilpailu took place in the YLE studios in Tampere with five participants each. Three of these managed to qualify directly to the final thanks to the number of sms- and televotes they got. A 10th participant - Maria Lund - was appointed by a specially formed jury. The acts competing in tonight's grand final are the following:

  • Maria Lund - Sydän Ymmärtää
  •  Antti Kleemola - Sun Puolella
  • Linn - Fatal Moment
  • Pentti Hietanen - Il Mondo È Quì
  • Heli Kajo -  Annankadun Kulmassa
  • Nina Lassander - Cider Hill  
  • Amadeus - Anastacia
  • Sister Twister - Love At The First Sight
  • Eläkeläiset -  Hulluna Humpasta
  • Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki Ellää        

The winner tonight will be decided in two rounds of voting. First, three songs will be selected for a so-called superfinal. Then, in a second round of voting, the Finnish representative for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen. Only sms- and televoting in both rounds will prevail. According to surveys, the group Eläkeläiset has the best chances to be elected as the Finnish entry this year, although Amadeus, Maria Lund and Kuunkuiskaajat have been named as probably winners as well.

The Finnish final will start at 19:00h CET tonight with an official webcast being supplied to Finnish citizens only on YLE's website. The show will last for approximately 2 hours and will feature last year's winner Alexander Rybak and 2007 Eurovision Song Contest presenter Mikko Leppilampi .

Finland has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1961 and it took the country 45 years till its first victory when Lordi won Europe's favourite TV-show in Athens in 2006. Since then, Finland has managed to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest every time though last year Waldo's People's Lose Control only manage to come 25th.

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