Finland sets the pace with tenderness

Moments before on the backstage, Paradise Oskar told us that he didn't know about the LED screen projection for his entry before his first rehearsal. It consists of a huge image of the Earth turning and it really fits the environmentally concerned lyrics of his song Da Da Dam: "I didn't know what to expect, but it looked really good. They've done a really good job," he says.

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Da da dumb?

Usually he wouldn't have decided something like that himself: "I'm a little bit against these Eurovision images that you put in the screen behind just so that people will understand the text, but still, I'm open for new adventures. It's fine, and nice to see that it turned out well".

He keeps on playing with the irony in the title of his song, now with a promo motto that reads: da da dumb?  "Having the sentence written with a question mark you can choose if you want to be dumb or not".

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He wore again his environmentally friendly stage costume, now in full: "I've changed the pants and shoes to something that works better with the colours. The shirt is made of entire recyclable materials. There are some strange things in it, like a parachute, old clothes and so on. It's a great idea that works with the song."

Is Axel concerned about styling? "No, and I'm sure I will get some criticism for it anyway, so I might as well wear something comfortable."

Debut album just released

For his second press conference Paradise Oskar wanted to remind us that the song wasn't written for the Eurovision Song Contest, but rather because he was getting concerned about the environmental problems and people not doing anything to solve them.

"I felt it was very childish that everyone was talking about those problems and nobody was doing something about it, but I don't do anything either, that's why I dedicate the chorus for myself.. da da dam, da da dam...".

Yesterday his first album, "Sunday Songs" was released "If people likes my Eurovision song, they're going to like it. It has nine songs written by me that thankfully my record company liked so I signed to them. And he went on to play one of them, "a song about me and my life called Sunday Everyday".

As the time for the second press conferences is limited he joked a bit on the press by singing the German entry of 2007 Frauen Regieren Die Welt by Roger Cicero in a "super fast version". "But if I win I will sing really slow, because all the press will be here for me, so I will do a 30 minutes version of my song". he joked.

What he expects from the Eurovision Song Contest is "that people enjoys my music, people gets touched by it, that's the biggest thing in my life. If I manage to touch only one person, that this person laughs or cries with my song, then I'm happy. That's for me the biggest thing".

But his plans are not to stop there: "I want to make this dream I'm living now a continuous journey in my life".

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