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Finland's turn to choose tonight!

31 January 2009 at 01:02 CET

Earlier this month, three Semi-Finals with 4 songs each were held in the YLE studios in Tampere. The two songs with the highest number of televotes progressed to the final. However, the six acts that missed out in this first phase should not despair as they will have another chance to qualify in a so-called Second Chance round which will mark the first part of the Finnish final tonight. The six songs hoping to get another chance are the following:

  • Passionworks feat. Tony Turunen - Surrender
  • Tiara - Manala 
  • Riikka - Meren
  • Vink - The Greatest Plan
  • Janita - Martian
  • Sani - Doctor, Doctor

The six acts that are already in the final are these:

  • Kwan - 10 000 Light Years 
  • Jari Sillanpää - Kirkas Kipinä
  • Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen - Speakerbox
  • Tapani Kansa - Rakkautta On, Rauhaa Ei
  • Waldo's People - Lose Control
  • Remu - Planeetta

The Finnish final will consist of three stages tonight. First of all, the Finnish televoters will select the last two for the final, bringing the total number to eight. Then, further televote will decide about the superfinal which will consist of 3 songs - one of these will then have the honour to represent Finland in Moscow. Only televote will prevail tonight.

The show will starts at 20.00h CET and there will be a webcast - for Finnish citizens only - available on YLE's official Eurovision website.

Finland won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah and were also present in the 2007 and 2008 finals with Hanna Pakarinen and Teräsbetoni respectively.