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Finland revives the 1990s!

Just like many artists in the last 2 days, the Finnish team of Waldo's People rehearsed their song Lose Control backstage first. In their Moscow combination, Waldo's People consist of the two main singers Waldo and Karoliina, the backing singers Capri and Manna plus the two fire artists Niko and Kasmir. The three girls were wearing short silver and black skirts and hotpants while the fire artists were bare-chested. Waldo himself wore a casual jacket and jeans and inside sources within the Finnish team told that this will be the final clothes for the big Semi-Final night. The LED elements shown today were blue-ish with an illuminated train running from one side to the other. Additionally, a huge rotating gear wheel was set on stage. The performance looked polished and with lots of energy - will Finland again qualify for the Grand Final also this year?


Waldo has been one of the leading dance artists and producers in Finland for over a decade already. Classic europop, which he has represented throughout years has brought him four gold albums as a solo artist and as the foreman of Waldo’s People. Waldo, aka Marko Reijonen, has written many of his hit songs together with Finnish-born, Swedish producer Ari Lehtonen. Waldo’s People have had huge hits in their native country with songs like I Dream, 1000 Ways and U Drive Me Crazy. Waldo’s solo hits include songs like Feel So Good, It´s About Time and Move Your Body. U Drive Me Crazy received good attention in Scandinavia and Canada as well. Last year, Waldo’s People released a new hit song Back Again with a # 1 position in the Finnish digital download, single and dance charts. Due to public demand the band started touring actively to sold-out venues and clubs.

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In their press conference, Waldo explained that the group has already given over 1000 gigs all over the world, usually with a live-band. Karoliina, the female  singer of the group was asked if she had received any tips from former Finnish Eurovision Song Contest performers, and she said that Jari Sillanpää, Finland's singer in 2004, advised her to have a high sound volume in her in-ear monitor as the fans in the audience would be very loud! The group also explained that the preview video for their song has a very serious issue about homeless people, and that the whole atmosphere in it would also be reflected in the LED backdrop they would be using on stage.

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