Finland keeps on dancing to Waldo's People

So you thought the Finns can only produce hard rock music? Well, their this year's entry from Waldo's People proved that's not all and they can take the whole Europe dancing with their music.

Now they've been going around in Finland, from festivals to solo concerts. If you've missed them so far, then here's a list of where you can find them performing again:

  • 22 August in Kaustinen at Konsta
  • 26 August in Vantaa at Flamingo
  • 3 September in Kuopio at Puijonsarvi
  • 4 September in Savonlinna at Mefisto
  • 18 September in Kouvola at Amarillo
  • 19 September in Kaarina at Old Texas
  • 16 October in Vantaa at Tulisuudelma
  • 29 October on the Silja Line Europa (ferry)
  • 4 December in Jyväskylä at Night
  • 26 December in Jämsä at Himos Areena

Recently the band's record Lose Control went gold by selling over 5000 copies in the land of Santa Claus. 

Waldo's People were awarded the jury wildcard to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest this year. They ended last in the Final with their entry Lose Control.

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