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Finland invades the stage with 'Ding Dong'

Posted 8 May 2013 at 14:05

It was soon noticed in the Malmö Arena complex that the Finnish delegation had arrived: Ding Dong choruses were sung all over the dressing rooms' area by Krista Siegfrids and the girls of Finland.
As a big fan of Carola's winning performance in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, Krista wanted to make use of the wind machine, but not only that: pyros, confetti and other effects are used to celebrate this marriage proposal which ends in a kiss by Krista and one of her backing girls.
{Video#YT, id: 7IcBnMp9xZ8}
As you can see in our video above, Krista has a bandage on her leg, from a recent wound. After the rehearsal she changed it for a pink one to match her shoes.
Afterwards Krista and her fellow performers travelled to the Euroclub to meet the press and fans.
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