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Finland goes metal!

12 May 2008 at 18:42 CEST

The Finnish rockers of TerĂ€sbetoni rocked Beogradska Arena on this fine spring afternoon. Vocally, they seemed to be in perfect shape from start to end and the whole act reminded a bit of Lordi's performance in Athens two years ago - not a bad sign for TerĂ€sbetoni, as Lordi went on to win the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest altogether! Happy faces could be seen in the Finnish delegation after the group performed their song MissĂ€ Miehet Ratsastaa. The stage during the song was lit by white and blue lights on the LED elements all over the stage which worked excellently with the performance! Make sure you check the gallery with photos of the metal men from Finland! 

TerÀsbetoni's debut album Metallitotuus was released in 2005, being supported by a streak of over 200 live shows. The album achieved platinum status in Finland and has sold over 50,000 copies since the release. The sophomore album Vaadimme Metallia was released in the summer of 2006. It was produced by the renowned producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, who had previously been working with bands such as HIM, Lordi and Apocalyptica. The album achieved gold status in Finland and it was well received by the audience and the media. Their latest album Myrskyntuoja was released just after the 2008 Finnish national final and it reached No.1 and gold status in Finland as well.


During the press conference TerÀsbetoni revealed that they were pretty happy about the way their first rehearsal went and that they thought the Belgrade stage was beautiful. Asked why they were singing in their native language Finnish instead of English, the group said that there would already be many Finnish hardrock bands singing in English and that they wanted to stand out.