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Finland: First two finalists clear

17 January 2013 at 23:40 CET

The Contest for New Music (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu), UMK 2013, reaches its elimination stages. Tonight, the first of two qualification shows took place. These were the six acts that competed today (qualifiers in bold):

  • Iina Salin - Last Night (Iina Salin, Tommi Gröhn)
  • Last Panda - Saturday Night Forever (Last Panda, Henry Tikkanen, Aapo Immonen)
  • Mikael Saari - We Should Be Through (Mikael Saari, Kai Poutanen, Tuomas Vertanen)
  • Ilari Hämäläinen - Sytytä Mut Vaan / Light Me Up (Ilari Hämäläinen)
  • Rautakoura - Ilmalaivalla / Board On Air (Lauri Häme, Rautakoura) 
  • Diandra - Colliding Into You (Sharon Vaughn, Patrick Sarin, Leri Leskinen, Janne Oinas, Leri Leskinen)

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Only the expert jury full results were shown: Mikael was first with 38 points and Diandra second with 32. Later they were also announced as the two acts proceeding to the final. Both Mikael and Diandra (pictured below) were among the favourites beforehand and this result met those expectations.

Ilari Hämäläinen (21 points) ended in the last place of the jury vote and thus he leaves the competition. The remaining three acts Iina Salin (29 points), Last Panda (27 points) and Rautakoura (26 points) will have another go in the semi-final on the 31st of January.

Next Thursday 24th of January the second live qualifying show will take place again in The Circus club in Helsinki.