Finland: dance-song with a message

During their second rehearsal today, the Finnish team changed some things compared to their first one on Monday. Waldo, Karoliina and the backing singers seemed more confident on the big stage. The LED backdrop still had urban scenes and an illuminated train as its main feature. Gone is the gear wheel though, but instead we could see two metal boxes with fire coming out of them. The choreography has changed a little bit too, the singers are now staning more closely together. Casual clothes were worn today, and the Finnish delegation told that they have also changed the concept for the final clothes for the big Semi-Final night, but they'd like to keep them secret for the moment.  During the last take today, enormous amounts of fire and pyros were used which enhanced the visual aspect of the performance. At their press conference, the Finnish team explained that they liked what they saw in the viewing room and  that their team spirit is growing with every day.

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