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Finland brings UMK back

04 November 2013 at 13:29 CET

The Contest for New Music, UMK, was first used in 2012 as the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. After a successful run last year their broadcaster YLE has decided to repeat the formula.

The jury will once again consist of the prestigious and prominent foursome we all learned to love last season: Aija Puurtinen, Redrama, Tomi Saarinen and Toni Wirtanen. All UMK shows will be hosted by Anne Lainto and Ile Uusivuori, both renowned radio personalities and both also returning from last UMK season.

The jury & the hosts of UMK 2014

- Rapper, producer and writer Redrama has released three albums and received several awards. He’s also one of the leading figures of a hugely popular big band–hiphop –combo Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana. Redrama is currently working on a new solo album slated for release in February 2014.

- Toni Wirtanen is without a doubt one of the most famous rock musicians in Finland. Best known as the leader of Apulanta, a band that has been around since 1991 and which recently did a successful tour of Europe, Toni also writes for other artists and likes to fly light aircraft in his spare time.

- Most Finns know Aija Puurtinen as a singer and bass player of the group Honey B. & T-Bones but she is much more than that: She has a doctorate in music, works as a vocal lecturer at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and is also the chairperson for National Council for Music. Honey B. & T-Bones are currently working on a new album.

- Tomi Saarinen is one of the most influential men in the Finnish music business. Having received several awards as a Head of Music for the national radio channel YleX, he recently accepted a job as the channel’s Head of Programmes. Tomi is also a really good drummer.

The names of the 12 artists competing in the UMK 2014 will be announced on 10th of December. The UMK final will take place on Feb 1st 2014.