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Finland: A stage in blue and white

20 May 2010 at 16:32 CEST

The second rehearsal of the Finnish contestants Kuunkuiskaajat brought an answer to the question what the two singers will wear on the night of the first Semi-Final: they will be clad in elegant white dresses that work very well with the stage which is mainly lit in blue. The male backing singers are in beige and white while the violionist also wears a simple, but effectful beige dress.

On stage today, lots of enthusiastic fans with Finnish flags saw refined performances of Kuunkuiskaajat. The Finnish delegation had already been very happy about what they saw in the viewing room after their first rehearsal, so just small adjustments were made. Today, almost all parts of the big Oslo stage were used by the Finnish group with a clever choreography involved.


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"We love Gypsy music"

During their second press conference today, Kuunkuiskaajat commented that the rehearsal went really well again, with them finding all the right camera angles. Right now, they would feel relaxed and that they would have fun on stage.

When asked what kind of feedback they got about their performances here in Oslo, they said that people had told them that it looks very fresh and that the visuals are effective.

Their costumes for the Semi-Finals are made out of linen and have a bit of a traditional feel to it. The singers said they like to be barefoot on stage like former Eurovision Song Contest winners like Sandie Shaw and Dima Bilan.

At the end of the press conference, Kuunkuiskaajat revealed that their passion is gypsy music and that they have studied folk music from other countries.

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The Finnish team told that they were very charmed by a video of a young boy from Slovakia singing the Finnish song Työlki Ellää in its original language - and with really good pronounciation according to the Finnish delegation!. You can watch a video of him below.