Find out who qualified for the Swiss final!

In a day-long "expert check", presented by Clarissa Tami and broadcast live on the internet, 18 artists have performed their songs in the SRF studios today.

In the end, the jury picked the following 6 acts to go to the national final, to be held on January 31 in Kreuzlingen:

  • Licia Chery - Fly
  • Mélanie René - Time To Shine
  • Deborah Bough - Take me back to 23
  • Andy McSean - Hey Now
  • Timebelle - Singing About Love
  • Tiziana - Only Human

You can check out the songs on the SRF website.

The jury consisted of the following experts:

  • Rafael Antonio, Choreographer
  • Freda Goodlett, Vocal Coach
  • Moritz Faccin, Director Strategic Marketing Universal (SRF)
  • Catherine Colombara, Cheffe d'antenne Option Musique (RTS)
  • Nicola Locarnini, Musician (RSI)

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