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Finalists' backstage comments – celebrates Germany

30 May 2010 at 20:48 CEST

Most artists in the Final were happy with the German winning song Satellite. This came across clearly immediately after the broadcast backstage. And everyone expressed satisfaction with their own performance. Two weeks of rehearsals seemed to have been paying off.

But apart from that, just as in any social gathering enjoying a night of the Eurovision Song Contest, the opinions differed. While some were very happy with the general result, others felt disappointed.

The pre-show expectations were not the same for all entrants. While Portugal's Filipa Azevedo was very happy with being in the Final and achieving an 18th place, Denmark's Thomas N'evergreen felt that the 4th position wasn't a hit. Below are all the comments.

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Final position: 2. maNga, Turkey
“We expected to end up in top five. But top three is amazing! Germany has a cool song, they deserve the victory. In the Semi-Final, we were nervous in the greenroom, but this time it was cool, especially since Germany sailed away. We were so happy after the performance – we did our show, we gave the concert!”

3. Paula Seling & Ovi, Romania
“The voting in this contest is very unpredictable, so we are very happy with the outcome. It was really a great thing for us that all of Europe voted for us. We were very satisfied with our performance.”

4. Chanée & N'evergreen, Denmark
N'evergreen: “This was brilliant for Germany. For Denmark, it was not so good. We were number four. It's not like number one. We hoped that we would go all the way, we believe we had a very good song.” Chanée: “We're very happy and grateful for our place. And to the countries that gave us 12 points: see you very soon! We just finished our album, and we will be happy to tour abroad now.”

6. Tom Dice, Belgium
“It's amazing, I got sixth place. I think it's the highest Flemish position. I'm very happy with what I did, I was amazed by the crowd. This was above my expectations. I was a little sore in the throat before, but I just gave less interviews to make sure that I wasn't affected.”

7. Eva Rivas, Armenia
“The most important thing for me was to make the people of my country proud. And I did!”

8. Giorgos Alkaios, Greece
“I'm okay, it was a very nice night. It was beautiful being on stage, and we gave all the energy that we could bring. And I saw the audience this time, in the Semi-Final I had so much light in my eyes so that I couldn't see them. Two months ago, I said that Lena and Germany had a very good song, so I'm happy about the result.”

9. Sofia Nizharadze, Georgia
“Top ten is not a bad result. Actually, I hoped for a top ten place, so I'm happy. It's good.”

10. Alyosha, Ukraine
“Everyone have different opinions, but I don't understand the result. It was a bad surprise for me, but Russia was an even worse surprise.”

12. Jessy Matador, France
“I'm very good, I'm very happy for Lena for her win. And we did our best possible performance, so it's cool. I saw the excitement in the hall.”

14. Harel Skaat, Israel
“I got the Marcel Bezençon Awards before the broadcast, and I had a great time on stage. I'm very proud of our show and performance, and that's what is important to me. The result was okay.”

15. Daniel Diges, Spain
“Some of my favourites ended up in bad positions, like Norway for example. I'm happy with my performance, and I got to do it twice – just like the winner! Some guy who didn't seem to enjoy the show very much just jumped onto the stage. It was nothing, we just continued our show and thanked God that he didn't do anything to us. I don't know if I needed to perform a second time, they just told me that I should do it. I was nervous for doing it the second time.”

17. Vukašin Brajić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
“I'm very tired. Two weeks of rehearsals takes some energy. And not just the rehearsals, there are a lot of emotions. It's very hard to be honest here. If you're honest, you're giving everything that you have, and after that, you're left with nothing. I need some time to recover now, and after that, I'm gonna get going again – because it's all about the music.”

18. Filipa Azevedo, Portugal
“I'm very happy and proud of Portugal. I think that we did really well. I'm very happy just to be in the Final, that's fine to me.”

19. Hera Björk, Iceland
“It was amazing to perform tonight, it was the best three minutes of my life so far! We did our best, and we did everything that we came here to do. This is a competition that can turn out in different ways, we had a fantastic Semi-Final. Lena is a sweet girl with a nice voice and a good song, it's all good.”

20. Didrik Solli-Tangen, Norway
“I'm very satisfied with what I did on stage and with the audience. The voice felt good, and I'm very happy with the team. I want to thank everyone who voted! I had such a warm feeling on stage, it was like a fairytale. The audience was so amazing, it was the moment of a lifetime! Of course the result is a bit of a disappointment, everyone wants to win. Before the show I ran up and down a stair behind the stage, it's important to be good and warm in the entire body.”

21. Jon Lilygreen, Cyprus
“I'm just glad for going home now. I've been in Oslo for weeks, and now I think it's time to go home to my friends in Wales and begin to not care about the Eurovision Song Contest. As long as Cyprus is happy, I'm happy. Cyprus is happy, I'm happy, so rock'n'roll! We performed the best we could, and no one thought that we would make it to the Final, so it was great. I think Germany deserved the win. I just wanna go home now – and drink until my eyeballs fall out of my face!”

22. Olia Tira, Moldova
“Everything was okay with our stage performance, but I'm not very happy with the result.”

23. Niamh Kavanagh, Ireland
“I did what I wanted, and I think that I performed well, so what can you do? The team was brilliant, and now we're gonna have pints! I didn't think that it was important to get a good result this year as a former winner, I just wanted to do what I wanted to do, and I did. After that, it's up to the people. Congratulations to Lena, it's so good to see a good modern song going forth!”

24. Robert Wells, pianist, Belarus
“This was so much fun! I'm so damn happy with the team, and they are partying like there's no tomorrow now! I was prepared to bet that we would end up last, but to be second to last and have 18 points was great. There were so many good entries, and I think that our song is a bit old fashioned for this contest. Germany was great, but I didn't think that Lena would win – I would have placed my bets on Norway, and they ended up pretty far down. And UK last, that was so strange ...”

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