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Final tonight: Who will represent Belarus?

19 January 2009 at 12:03 CET

Former participants Ruslan Alekhno, Ksenia Sitnik, Dmitry Koldun, Alexey Zhigalkovich, Ani Lorak and others will be there to give their support. Koldun will also take the job of one of the hosts of the show. The finalists for tonight are:

  • Petr Yelfimov - Eye, That Never Lie (P. Yelfimov, V. Prokhozhy)
  • Litesound - Miracle (V. Karyakin)
  • Gunesh - Fantastic Girl (Gunesh, M. Khaitbayeva)
  • Dominica - My Day (S. Sukhomlin, A. Kostugov)
  • Wind In The Head - And-Or-And (A. Zakharik, G. Galushko)

The five finalists were chosen in a semi-final which was held on the 15th of December. The winner will be chosen via a televote which will begin after all the contestants have performed.

It's possible to see Eurofest on an LED screen near the Palace of Sports. The show will start at 21.50 local time (20.50 CET).

Ruslan Alekhno represented Belarus in Belgrade, Serbia at the 2008 edition of Europe's favourite TV-shows but unfortunately did not qualify for the final with his song Hasta La Vista.